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Top 5 VR Within Budget

Virtual Reality is one of the hottest gadget of the market. It is a fantastic innovation which can demonstrate the cutting edge of what technology is capable of today.
Many tech giants and small companies are working to bring the VR to masses. Today, the market is flooded with VR devices that are affordable, impressive, fun, and phone-powered. So here are a few pocket friendly virtual reality headsets available in India.

1. PTron VR Headset

PTron VR headset has elegant design for impressive viewing experience. We can indulge in high definition gaming with eye-tracking that uses your glances as a type of controller. We can also watch movie from our smartphone, using this VR headset. The PTron VR headset comes at an attractive price of Rs 1,499 and is exclusively available on

2. Zebronics VR Headset

Zebronics VR headset is compatible with Google Cardboard apps. The Chennai based startup Zebronics has launched the Zeb VR, it has thick foam padding and pair of focus-adjusting lenses that makes it very comfortable for user. It is available at Rs 1,400 only. The Zeb VR headset can be used with any smartphone up to 6 inches in size. The headset is available on Snapdeal.

3. Agnus VR Headset

It is a most viable VR headset available in market. It is designed, taking care of user comfort. It is available in market with a price tag of Rs 2,499. Agnus VR has soft faux-leather padding, focus adjustments, a headphone jack and high-quality optical lenses. It could be a viable alternative to Google Cardboard. It’s available directly from the company website or on Amazon India.

4. Irusu PlayVR Headset

Irusu uses Advanced Production Technology Lenses with Vacuum Ion Plating refining. The PlayVR headset has a comfortable headband and adjustable super foam protector. It is designed for all type of people, as it has an adjustable focus, so even myopic users shouldn’t have a problem. The product is priced at Rs 2499 and is available from the company website and Amazon India.

5. DOMO nHance VR Headset

The DOMO nHance VR2 is 3D Virtual Reality Headset. It is designed specially to allow user to explore world of 3D. The nHance VR2 uses the sensors in your phone for the head tracking technology. The VR2 is inspired by the Google Cardboard and works with all the cardboard apps and it is compatible with most phones. It is available on Amazon India for Rs 745.

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