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Top 4 apps that will help you with your daily problems!

What’s up? People now when you have taken out time to visit our website and read our articles and daily blog’s.  Here are top 5 apps that may help you to solve your daily problems.

Now what paytm really is? Paytm is an e- commerce website that helps you with your daily problems. This Noida based company provides instant bill payments, DTH recharge, metro card recharge and has a huge virtual market place with lots of offers and discount. Now what is paytm know for? Paytm provides cashback on your purchases.

Now tell me who doesn’t likes cashback + discount paytm has been leading app that provides lot of schemes with you debit or credit cards to. What if you are stuck somewhere and there is this emergency and you need money. You don’t have your wallet with you. What will you do? Paytm has a simple solution for this you can store your money in your paytm wallet. 

There are even restaurants and bars who have started accepting bills from your paytm wallet. Over all paytm can improve your daily life you don’t have to go and waste your precious time to pay bills like electricity and mobile bills. Paytm is available for both platforms Android as well as iOS.

Spending tracker
Spending tracker is a very useful app for people like me.  I mean I usually lose track of how much money I have been spending in the month or sometimes I think I lost money! But the actual problem is I don’t remember where I have been spending money. 

So basically what spending tracker does is it keeps track of you’re out flow and inflow of money. All you have to do is every time there is an outflow or inflow of money you will have to open the app and record the transaction. Now you must be thinking who has the time to do it every time you spend some cash but once you bring this in routine it will help you a lot. 

Spending tracker has different categories like petrol expense, food expense and other expense so you can even manage how much money you have spent on which category.

Are you a daily commuter? Do you face problems like heavy rush in the bus train’s? Do you have to travel with crowd you are not comfortable with? Shuttl is the answer to all your commuting problems. 

What really does the shuttl app does it gives you the opportunity to travel with luxury at the cheapest available rate. All you have to do is open shuttl and choose your nearest pickup point. The best part of shuttl is you don’t have to pay money in cash you have to recharge your shuttl wallet through paytm that is the only way you can use shuttl. 

Now this option leaves us with better quality business and travelers. User will not have to face problems like stinky bus, overloaded crowd etc. Shuttl also gives your first 2 rides free and you can even suggest route’s where you want shuttl to start operating. Shuttl app is available on both android and iOS.

Are you busy enough to remember what all small work you have to do today? Evernote is a simple solution to this problem you can save your daily work routine set reminders, save memos, you can even save pictures, voice notes, and even you can hand-write on your phone’s screen and save it. 

Now the question is what if your phones battery die? You are at work and there is this important note you have saved so what you can do is you can access your evernote account from computer as well and bam! You have your notes with you.

Please comment what else apps are helping you with your daily problems?

By-vatsal sakaria

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