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Batman Vs Ironman : Battle of Billionaires

Who need superpower when you are rich, and in this post we will find out who will be a ultimate winner  between two billionaire heroes  DC's Bruce Wayne and Marvel's Tony Stark. Here is spoiler alert, if you haven't watch all of movies till now that feature Batman or Iron-man, then don't read below.

Mental Toughness:
Batman: He saw his parents die as child. He returned, rebuilt the Wayne empire. Arguably, Bruce Wayne inhabits the most crime infested city in the world. Regularly fights psychopaths, sadists and homicidal killers.

He has seen the death of 2 Robins, the shooting of Batgirl's spine, the crushing of his own spine and even his own death. In spite of all of this, he keeps fighting injustice.

Iron-Man: Stepped into his father's shoes at a very young age. Built his first Armour inside a cave while being threatened by terrorists. While these are great examples of his indomitable will, but Tony Stark hasn't faced much personal loss. Moreover he is often blinded by his vices and ego.

Batman: Wayne is a multilingual polymath, an expert in investigation, a skilled strategist and a brilliant business man. But in spite of all of this, he is not the smartest man in the universe, not even the planet actually (see: Lex Luthor). Although, he is the man with a plan.

Iron-Man: Tony stark has a genius-level intellect and is also a part of Illuminati (the smartest heroes in MU).  His intelligence is almost superhuman and is at par with Mr. Fantastic, Dr. Doom etc. So he's definitely on of the smartest human in MU.

Unarmed Combat:
Batman: Trained in multiple martial art techniques and maintains a peak human physiology. He's an acrobat and a gymnast with highly agile reflexes. As a non-super-powered human, Bruce Wayne is the best fighter there is.

Iron-Man: The Repulsor-Tech Node in his chest does provide him with enhanced senses and reflexes but he is not at peak human conditioning. He does have combat training from Captain America, but it's no substitute for years of martial arts training.

Batman: An expert in escapology, stealth and endurance. He is also a master of disguise and proficient in tracking. Bruce Wayne has literally survived through the stone-age (read: Return of Bruce Wayne)

Iron-Man: This guy built a combat armour in a cave. His engineering skills make him brilliant at improvising and making make-shift weapons.  Also his ability to escape strict captivity has never been highlighted.

Armed Combat: 
Batman: Everyone knows Batman has a variety of a gadgets, the most popular being his array of shuriken-like batarangs. While these are mostly non-lethal, variations can be explosive, freezing or electrocuting.
His utility belt provides him with many methods to sabotage and subdue opponents (smoke-bombs, explosives and toxins). Finally the Batsuit, has reinforced armour, metal blades and gliding capabilities by default. However he has used many modifications of the suit (which are almost like armours), one example being the one he used to combat Superman.

Iron-Man: While he doesn't possess the ninja-like gadgetry of Batman, he has a much more versatile armours compared to Batman's suits (the Hulk-buster armour can easily match or dwarf the Supe-buster armour of Batman). Batman's fighting style heavily relies on deception and subterfuge, but with the advanced technology Stark uses, he has enough sensors and brute-force to bring Bats down.

Extra Paraphernalia:
Batman: Without his suit and utility belt, Batman has a garage filled with armed transport paraphernalia. The Batmobile is more powerful than any combat tank and the Batwing has barely lost a dogfight. 

Iron-Man: In theory the only thing extra for Tony Stark is more armours. And he has shown the ability to actually maneuver them remotely.

Support Response:
Batman: His immediate support system extends beyond Alfred and the Robins. With the existence of Batman Incorporated , he can actually fight most of his battles without the calling upon the Justice League.

Iron-Man: Tony Stark doesn't really have a joint family to immediately rely upon. His earliest help would be from the Avengers, and after civil war.. I really have my doubt about that too..

What I feel:
Batman and Iron Man have a lot in common at the  same time they’re very different. Iron Man is a tale of a broken, deeply-flawed man who dons a suit of near-indestructible armor that basically makes him Superman. Batman is the story of a man who, while definitely battling his demons, has managed to overcome them in ways Iron Man never has. However, his suit is very much vulnerable, and only works because of the discipline and training of the man inside. 
Tony Stark need Iron Man to win the battle, he can't stand a chance against Bruce Wayne in one to one battle, in other case Batman need Bruce Wayne to stand a chance against Iron Man in battle. 
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