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How Virtual Reality Will Affect The Future of Smartphone?

Everytime we walk out the door, the phone is just as essential to search for as the door key, car keys, wallet or handbag. And with no surprise the market is huge with billions of smartphones sold today. What happens when the market reaches a saturation point? That is why there is always new and upgraded models released every now and then. But that couldn’t be much profitable to the manufacturer's. 

We need the device as critical as our food but we won’t be buying it every day. So to encourage sales, smartphone manufacturers have shown exploding interest in virtual Reality. Usually VR headsets offer low cost entry point to VR entertainment which we get in PCs as 360 virtual videos or gaming experience. Smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and LG have taken steps to bring VR headsets in the early 2016. 

But when it comes to Smartphones, will this virtual reality will really work out and will it decide the future of smartphone? Few years back Virtual Reality was something impossible. But now it has become impossibly easy with smartphones. Just by holding a cardboard box against your head in a way that positions a smartphone two inches from your eyes will literally take you anywhere in the world. Like you will be standing in a cable car climbing over onomichi, japan but you won’t feel the cold That is virtual reality. 

Virtual reality presents an artificial, but seemingly real 3D world through headset that can track a person’s head movements It is surprising that your smartphone can take you anywhere. Right now the cardboard is just okay to have, coz for few minutes it is great, but it causes discomfort after sometime. Current smartphone hardware doesn’t support virtual world as close enough with the head movements as you look around. People are working towards all the defects. 

So everyone of us own a smartphone and one way or other we are going to upgrade to a latest version and sooner or later we will get to experience the VR. In the long run, virtual reality is a huge potential market and it have wide range of uses beyond just gaming. Smartphone will be the driving force for VR. This may change the nature of how we use our smartphones. Both Virtual reality and Smartphone are going to be complementary in future. The limitations are curbed by imagination and available technology which is advancing rapidly year by year.

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