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Why Should you use Ad-Block

Websites that detect ad-blockers to stop their users from reading webpages could be illegal under European law.Ad blockers are completely legal, but the detection of an ad blocker by using a script is technically illegal.

In recent days, Ad blocking extensions have gained a lot of attraction among the internet users especially among the online gamers. Now it is getting its heat in the smartphones too. Few apps like Purify and Crystal has also gained popularity among the users. Ad blocking has both practical and ethical considerations. But the real question is should you really use ad block? 

If using such blockers is an issue or is it really beneficial? To answer these questions let us take a closer look at what Ad blockers really do, what they mean to you and for the company….

What is an Ad Blocker?

Ad blocking or ad filtering is removing or altering advertising content in a webpage / app. Advertising can exist in a variety of forms including pictures, animations, embedded audio/video, text, pop-up windows and can employ auto-play of audio and video. These software or extensions help us avoid the unwanted ads that appear on the screen of a webpage or an app.

What the Ad blockers do?

#1 Adblock being the number 1 ad blocker in the market does block all the advertisements on all web pages like Facebook, YouTube and every website. This works on all browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera which is downloaded as an extensions. 

So it automatically starts working as soon as the browser is opened. When needed it can be turned off on a specific page manually. So far, Ad block has crossed 200 million downloads and there are lot more similar software available on the internet and they are also on the peak downloads.

What it means to the companies? is it good for them?

All the websites you are viewing are primarily funded / sourced by those advertisers. A lot of Internet businesses that we use and rely on every day, use a so-called freemium model. You pay nothing for an app, but in turn, you're giving your data and/or your eyeballs to advertisers.  And investors at internet companies say advertising is their huge market.

So when we block the ads completely, we block the main source of revenue for companies.

But on the contrary, practical considerations for the users !!!

We see ads on every page, mini ad, micro ad and more. Some might be useful like so many webpages use data analytics to track our search and show us ads related to our search. But this is just happens in 1 out of 10. Most of the time ads are very annoying and offensive too, at this time ad blockers play a major role. Not only can you use them to block offensive material, Rickrolls, and other unpleasant things, studies have also proved that they can also block malicious software. 

People are in a situation to block the ads to get rid of those tricky malicious. It is in the company’s hands to choose what type of ads to be published in their sites so as to ensure their growth as well as the people’s satisfaction. 

A recent global research on ad blocking conducted in the year 2015, reveals the following facts
  • There are now 198 million active ad-block users around the world. 
  • Blocking rate is found to be highest among Firefox users (17.81%), followed by Safari (11.30%) and Chrome (10.06%). Explorer averages at 3.86%
  • Mobile blocking is gaining popularity: Android shows a 2.24% blocking rate, and iOS 1.33%
What We feel 

Ads on the web can be all kinds of annoying, but some people prefer not to block every internet ad they see, after all, it is how most web make their money, and are able to keep pumping out content for free. Even if you don't block ads, though, it may be worthwhile to install an ad blocker (like Adblock Plus for Firefox), if only for its malware-blocking powers.

To have a WIN – WIN situation, web page must be designed in such a way the ads are useful and they must ensure that they are not compelling and annoying.

Have you installed ad-block, how much time and data it have saved for you.. do tell us in comment section below.

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