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Smartphone Gadgets: Add-Ons & Accessories

1. Instant Mobile Photo Printer

The Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer has common features of both Polaroid Camera and mobile phone. It  is roughly the same size as most smart phones, and wirelessly prints photos in less than a minute using a special dye paper that requires no ink or toners. Packages of the printer and photo paper start at $129.99 at PhotoJoJo.

2. Universal Retro-Style Device Holder

It has design similar to arm, it is used to hold the phone or tablets at particular position. It also makes eReading hand-free. Place it on your headboard to hang a tablet over your head for the laziest Netflix marathon of your life. Get it for $89.99-$109.99 at The Design Industry.

3. Luma Tiny Lampshade Night Light & Travelamp

Clip this tiny acrylic lampshade onto your phone, turn on your flashlight and you’ve got an instant night light requiring no extra power. The ‘Luma’ version is available for $9, or get the larger and more classic lantern-style Travelamp for $8.

4. Hobie Time-Lapse Photo Tool

The Hobie is used to capture panoramic photos or to make 360 degree moving video. This little spinning tripod is portable, adjustable and clips onto a basic kitchen timer at the base. Pre-order the basic version for roughly $36.

5. Gekkopod Adaptable iPhone Tripod

Wrapping its legs around objects so it can grip as well as a gecko, the Gekkopod makes it easy to mount a smartphone or compact camera to tree branches, bike handles, fences or any other convenient vantage points you may find along your travels. it can also be used on its own as a mini tripod. It comes in a variety of colors for $19.90.

6. Harmony Home Hub

It turn your smartphone or tablet into a universal remote for your TV and any automated gadgets in your home with the Harmony Home Hub, which is compatible with Philips hue lights, the Nest Learning Thermostat, door locks and other smart home products. The hub retails for roughly $89.99 on Amazon.

7. Lego Builder Case

Customize your very own geeky iPhone case with this LEGO mount from Belkin, which can be used with any LEGO bricks and pieces for as simple or complex a creation as you can dream up. Just don’t step on it. $32.50 for the 6/6s, $11.99 for the 5/5s.

8. A More Manageable Keyboard

Anyone who’s ever found themselves with no choice but to compose a long email on their phone knows just how tiresome a task it can be with the tiny built-in keyboard. The Logitech Keys-to-Go keyboard is slim and portable, but far easier to use, retailing for $69.99.

9. Buckshot Pro Portable Wireless Speaker

Smaller than a can of soda, the Buckshot Pro ($79.95) is a wireless speaker, flashlight, strobe light, camp-light and power bank in one, with 10 hours of rechargeable play & talk time. It’s rugged and shock-resistant, and especially useful when clipped onto the handlebars of your bike.

10. Silicone Horn Stand Speaker

You can’t beat 4 bucks for a simple, durable silicone speaker that slips onto the end of your phone and significantly amplifies the sound without any electronic parts or need for charging. This version is shaped like an old-fashioned horn, and also holds your phone up in a standing position in either portrait or landscape position.

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