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Real Cricket '16 : Honest Review

Tired of not finding a perfect cricket gaming app?

Cricket is like a religion for the Indians but it is really sad that there are no good cricket gaming apps.This is where real cricket'16 seems to be a perfect solution.Real cricket'15 was also a good gaming app and now they have made a lot of improvements in this new version.

This version was released in march 5th 2016.This amazing game only consumes 64 Mb of memory in your phone which makes this app more popular among the public.

Required system requirements

This game requires a minimum of 1 GB of ram which is easily found on a basic android phone.It also requires 1 GHz processor and a android version greater than of android OS 4. Due to the less requirements of the app,this app can be easily installed in your normal budget phone.

New updates and improvements

The programmers expect the new version to be of improved stability and good visual experience.They have fixed several bugs of this previous versions.They reduced the game size to make the app more common among the common public.It has test series  with additions such as lunch and tea breaks. Majority of cricket gaming apps don't provide test matches so this makes real Cricket'16 more special and unique.

All the international team squad has been updated so we get to play with the new players.Coins are given for every played match which is really required to play different modes.

Different gaming modes

It has introduced a variety of new modes and this makes the game play more interesting.There is exhibition option where you can play friendly match.This app contains all the international teams and also have master's team which have all the legendary players of different teams.Like challenges? 

You have challenge option in the app where you are given different challenges at different levels.In the tournaments section it has Asia cup,champion's trophy,master's cup (playing with the legendary players of the team),and the ultimate glory 'the world cup'.In addition to this it has various premier leagues of various countries of India,England,south Africa and west indies.None of the other gaming apps provides this many options.

There is 'Road to 20-20 cup' where u can recreate or rewrite the history.A option of super over is also provided where you can play super-over with any other team.In game changer option you can download a variety of batting drives and different bowling actions.It also give importance to general knowledge of cricket hence provides a cricket quiz option in it.

Major Disappointments

Even though it provides good game-play modes,the gaming experience is really poor. The provided graphics is below average level and user interface is also not that good.It's a free app but many ads may disturb your game-play. You will have pay to get rid of this ads which is really sad.


Apart from the poor graphics provided, real cricket'16 is the best cricket gaming app available in the android platform.It certainly stands out in the matter of different game modes and newly updated cricket players.If you like cricket and doesn't care about the graphics you wont be disappointed.

Our rating-4/5

Download Real Cricket '16 from here

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