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Sony PlayStation 4 to deliver backwards compatibility using PS2 emulation

It’s official! Sony is gradually going to bring backward compatibility in terms of older console titles to its current PlayStation 4 console. While many were bickering about the lack of backward compatibility, Sony finally confirmed the same to Wired, but there are plenty of questions and very few answers.
Sony plans to use PS2 emulation software aboard its PS4 to run older titles. And it so happens that the first titles to support this emulation software are already out in what appears to be a soft-launch of sorts. The Star Wars: Battlefront PS4 console title also happens to pack in some older titles like Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter and more.
As Eurogamer discovered, the games are not new ports of old code, but old code itself. This clearly means that the Sony PlayStation 4 uses emulation software to get the job done easier. What this also indicates is that almost every other PS2 title should also be playable once the software goes wide.
But now come the questions and those are to do with how Sony plans to use this emulator. Will the older games be resold as digital copies once again? Or will users possessing the older disks will simply be able to insert and run older games. The answers to these should be out as Sony reveals more details about its emulation software.
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