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Google offers DTU student a whopping Rs.1.27 crore package

Tech companies are recruiting IIT graduates big time. This time around, according to a report by the Times of India, Google has approached an Delhi Technology University (DTU) fresher and offered him a whopping Rs.1.27 crores.
Chetan Kakkar, a Springdale's Pusa road pass-out was made an exact offer of $1,90,000. Kakkar, who is currently studying in the IT department of DTU will join Google's Mountain View California campus in 2016 after he completes his studies.
Before this, the highest compensation package received by a student at DTU was 93 lakhs.
"This was what I had been striving so far and I am excited to join Google," said Kakkar. Kakkar's parents too are teachers in Delhi University.
His mother Rita Kakkar is a faculty in the chemistry department of DU, while his father, Subhash Kakkar is a teacher of management studies.
This is not the first time this has happened. E-commerce giant Amazon has been offering fresh IIT graduates big numbers.

Earlier in the year, a coordinator at IIT Kanpur has claimed that Facebook had made the highest compensation offers between Rs.1 and 1.5 crores.
Amazon India's HR manager Raj Raghavan, in fact, claimed that almost 50 per cent of the on campus recruitment happened in the form of pre placement offers.
Other than Google, Amazon and Facebook, tech giants like Microsoft, Samsung, Adobe are also known to pay heavily to young and upcoming engineering talent.The same holds true for local players like Tata Steel and Flipkart.
Other than tech companies, even big investment banking firms like JP Morgan chase and Barclays are known to pay big money to freshers with engineering backgrounds.
Over the last few years, companies like Samsung and Amazon have scaled up their pre placement offers to 60 per cent for all of their IT recruitments.
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