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Li-Fi vs Wi-Fi: New Wireless Technology that is 100 Times Faster

If you're currently not satisfied with how your Wi-Fi network works, you will be relieved to know that there's a new innovation now that overpowers normal Wi-Fi speed. Introducing the Li-Fi, a new technology that is 100 times faster than the Wi-Fi. 

According to The Economic Times, this new technology offers a speed of up to 224GB per second, which is enough to download 18 movies in just a second. Edinburgh University professor Harald Haas invented the Li-Fi or Light Fidelity using LEDs as the medium for sending data at an incredible speed. Aside from being energy efficient, the Li-Fi is seen as the future of the current Wi-Fi.

The difference between the two services, according to Stuff, is their ability to manage user traffic that greatly affects their individual speed. The Wi-Fi service uses an unlicensed radio spectrum of 5 GHz while the Li-Fi uses visible light that range from 400 to 800 THz. An increase in the number of Wi-Fi devices will slow down the connection speed, but the Li-Fi will readily fix the jam. 

If you're still not convinced with Li-Fi's capability, the website describes it as a" system that is consisting of a LED transmitter and a solar panel receiver system" and has "speeds of up to 224 gigabits per second." The Economic Times mentioned what's already obvious, and that's the need for more capacity. The growing number of users and their incredible type of usage have prompted the Wi-Fi service to seek more means of entertaining the growing need for speed. This resulted to overcrowding, which significantly slows down the whole service. 

The Li-Fi will work at an astounding speed that readily matches the current need of users for capacity and efficiency. According to the publication, Li-Fi is "essentially an ultra-fast version of turning your flashlight on and off to create a morse code. The flashes occur so fast that they are not seen by the naked eye." In its simplest form, a small microchip can be fitted in a potential illumination device and the idea will all be there. 

It's about the "illumination and wireless data transmission." The radio frequency that is currently being used by the Wi-Fi service is so overloaded that it is impossible to improve it more. How long we have to wait until the Li-Fi is implemented remains to be the question, but the idea of a faster internet is already there and all it needs is some tweaking to make it actually work in volumes.

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