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Facebook Introduces Personalized notifications Tab

Social networking giant Facebook has started rolling out personalized notifications tab for iOS and Android users, media reported.

The new tab is designed to provide you information that caters to your needs -- such as about your favourite sports teams, friends' milestones like birthdays and life events and updates about the events that you have joined.

"Today, we are starting to roll out an expanded, personalised notifications tab in the Facebook app," Facebook announced on Monday.

You can also add additional, optional information that is tailored for you based on where you are if you enable location history in the Facebook app.

Once the app knows your location, you will be able to see notifications pertaining to local events and news, weather updates and severe weather alerts, as well as movies playing in theaters near you or nearby restaurants.

However, as with other Facebook features, there is a big trade-off between usefulness and privacy, reported.

According to report :

"To make the most out of Facebook's new notifications tab, it seems you will have to enable location services, giving Facebook information as to your whereabouts. That might make some users hesitant to try the feature, even if it means not getting these new personalized, location-based notifications," 

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