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Everything You Need to Know About Apple TV 4

The Apple TV 4 is now up for preorders on Apple's website, with the full release beginning on Oct. 30. Here's everything you need to know about the latest generation of Apple TV.

Release Date, Models, & Price 

The new fourth-generation Apple TV was unveiled at the iPhone 6s event in September, promising revamped hardware and software, along with support for Siri, more streaming services, and a new, easier-to-navigate touchpad remote.
But getting the latest Apple TV will cost more than ever before. There are two models up for sale on Apple's website as of Monday, differentiated mainly by internal storage specifications: a 32GB option and a 64GB Apple TV.

The 32GB Apple TV, unlike previous base-model iterations, will cost about $150, without an HDMI cable or AppleCare protection plan. That's half of the original retail price of the first generation, but about $50 more than what consumers have been used to paying for the Apple TV's later two generations.

The 64GB Apple TV is selling for about $200. Both models are expected to ship to preorder customers on Oct. 30, if you pay $17 extra. Free shipping is available, but the devices will land between Nov. 2 and Nov. 4 instead.

4th Gen Features and Updates

While the hocky puck design of Apple's set-top box remains the same, Apple has packed a lot of new features, software and hardware into its streaming TV package.
First of all, Apple has developed a full-fledged software platform for the fourth-gen Apple TV. With tvOS, third-party developers can create native apps for the Apple TV, which is rolling out with its own app store.

At launch, HBO, Showtime, Neflix, Hulu, MLB, NBA, and NHL streaming apps will all be available, with more options rolling out following the Apple TV's launch. Of course iTunes movies, TV shows, and Apple Music are all available out of the box as well.

Apple has also opened up the Apple TV to gaming, with social gaming titles like Guitar Hero launching alongside more hardcore gaming options like the first-person space shooter, Manticore Rising. The new remote can double as a tilt-control game pad, and Apple has opened up its hardware to third-party MFi-based controllers that offer a full gaming experience, as well.

Speaking of the controller, the Apple TV 4 comes with a new Bluetooth 4.0-enabled "Siri remote" with a built-in microphone and dedicated Siri button. Using Siri, you can search for actors, shows, or movies across streaming services, as well as searching for additional information about what you're watching, which the Apple TV will display without disrupting the video.

The Siri remote also has a touch surface that allows you to glide through entertainment options, rather than clicking back and forth. The remote's rechargeable internal battery that should last about three months per charge, but the Apple TV also comes with a USB-to-Lightning adapter that'll come in handy in early 2016.

The Apple TV's hardware has been updated with the 64-bit A8 chip, which first appeared in the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It comes with updated 802.11ac WiFi with MIMO -- which stands for multiple-input, multiple-output -- and is a modern WiFi protocol that boosts connection reliability and speeds. It also comes with an Ethernet connection and HDMI 1.4, though you'll have to buy a cable separately. 
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