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Long Lasting Machine that pushes all boundaries: Atomberg Mixer Grinder Review (MG1)

Atomberg is an Indian brand that started in 2012 their main aim is to revolutionize India’s home appliances, by solving one problem at a time. They begin focusing on building world-class products for the Indian home. The best thing about their product is BLDC motor which saves electricity consumption, they guarantee they save up to 1500 Rs electricity per year.

This gadget stands out from other mixer grinders thanks to its stylish design. It may easily be placed on the kitchen counter thanks to its measurements of 25.5 cm in depth, 50.5 cm in width, and 32 cm in height. Unlike some of its rival models, it takes up less room.

The appliance has a sizable knob for rotating speed control. The mixer grinder has four speeds, including a Slow Mode that works well for cutting vegetables, providing sil batta-like textures, and grinding coarse chutneys (podi chutney). This appliance is ideally suited for grinding idli and dosa batter because the motor does not become hot quickly. So, you can run the mixer grinder for extended durations to ensure a perfect grinding job.

The 750W and 1000W motors that its competitors on the market have are comparable to the 485W inverter motor. In addition, the Atomberg MG1 is the first mixer grinder to use inverter technology in India. It consumes 485w but the performance is more like 1000W and is very power efficient. The inverter motor also has the benefit of changing its rotational speed in response to the load. For instance, it can chop onions and carrots at a 2000 rpm speed while grinding chutney at a 5000 rpm rate. Similar to this, the motor runs at 15000 rpm for heavy tasks like creating purees. The motor can rotate at a maximum speed of 18000 rpm, making it suitable for even the most difficult grinding tasks, such as powdering materials for masalas like turmeric. Thus this product helps in conserving energy.

Atomberg MG 1 has the widest range of RPMs that lend themselves to numerous applications.At a mere 485W, it grinds the toughest ingredients (and competition) effortlessly! Its never-seen-before feature, Slow Mode, retains sil batta-like textures, taste and nutrition that's perfect for chutneys.

To display the speed at which the appliance operates, it incorporates LED illumination. Additionally, it contains a jar detecting feature; if the light is yellow or orange, the jar is not properly fitted. Similar to this, if the motor is overheated or the voltage is inconsistent, the LED will light red. If everything is secure, the LED will turn blue. This makes it a useful safety feature and moreover it is India's first mixer grinder with BLDC Motor that saves electricity upto 70% and pays back all the investment within 2 years. While working on the design company gave attention to minor details like handles and durability of the product. 

Atomberg claims it 450 Watt+ machine and true to its word, the mixer is able to grind turmeric with relative easly. Atomberg MG1 has a max RPM of 18000. The chopper jar works at only 2000 RPM, so you get a range of speed options that let you create the perfect dish you want. For any other jar you get to use the slow mode that works at 5000 RPM. The slow mode gives the perfect texture to any dish you are trying to create using the Mixer Grinder. While the food also retains its taste due to remaining in a granular form instead of turning into paste.

The mixer won’t work if the jar is not placed or if it is incorrectly placed. There are also LED indications for speed and the safety features. Atomberg claims the LED indicators turn red if the motor overheats. However I am yet to experience such a situation despite heavy usage because the motor does not heat up quickly.

There are other small features that also stand out. The jar lid locks are quite tight which means there is very little chance of spilling the contents of the jar. There's pulse mode which helps with quick grinding so you don’t have to keep playing around with the knob. We highly recommend Atomberg Mixer grinder to all.  It is made in India product and comes with 4 jars in total - Chopper Jar| Chutney Jar | Grinding Jar | Liquidizing Jar and have 3 level of speed controls.


  • It is the first inverter-powered mixer grinder in India.
  • Its transparent lids make it simple to monitor the progress.
  • The Slow Mode is ideal for grinding granular materials. Additionally, it outperforms Bosch technology.
  • The sound levels are moderate when compared to other mixer grinders.
  • The inverter motor technology provides a power consumption of 485W however, the mixer-grinder performs on par with machines powered by 750W or 1000W motors.
  • The chopper jar is a great addition because it allows you to slowly cut veggies. Other mixer grinders do not have this feature.
  • The knob's LED indicators show how quickly the appliance operates. It also demonstrates whether the jar is correctly fixed or not.
  • The Atomberg MG1 boasts a nice design without vents and attractive aesthetics. So. The appliance is simple to clean.



  • There is no atta kneading jar included with the Atomberg MG1 mixer-grinder. It would have been useful, though. 
  • The prices are on the expensive side. However, the investment in the equipment is worthwhile as you will get the investment back.

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