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Greenlam making your interior decor more beautiful: interaction with Ms Parul Mittal, Director, Greenlam Industries.

Ms. Parul Mittal, has been actively associated with the Greenlam since its inception in 2013. She joined Board of the Acquirer in November 2014. With over two decades of experience in marketing and design, she has been a driving force in helping the brand grow exponentially at both national and international levels. She has a positive bias towards initiatives that catalyse business growth to achieve excellence. At Greenlam Industries Ltd., she has also been leading the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives across segments of Health, Education, and Community welfare in multiple areas in Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh. She is also passionate about building strong communities of individual employees, business partners, investors, customers, and society at large. Ms Parul Mittal is a commerce graduate and possesses an in-depth knowledge of global design trends, marketing strategies, and brand building. Over the years, one of the many valuable lessons she has learned is that leadership ought to be more participative and inclusive. Analytical, straightforward, and focused, Ms. Parul ensures that Greenlam Industries is on a rapid growth track and delivers value across customers.

What is the difference between laminates available under Greenlam, laminates available under New Mika brand name and Splendor Laminates?

Greenlam Industries is a leading player in the laminate industry, known for its wide range of high-quality and innovative products and yes, we do operate in diverse segments such as decorative laminates, compacts, decorative veneers, engineered wooden flooring and doors, offering customers a comprehensive range of products to choose from.

As mentioned by you, the laminates available under Greenlam, NewMika and Splendor Laminates differ in terms of their range of designs. The Greenlam collection features subtle designs that are inspired by international trends, with a focus on sophistication and evolution. On the other hand, the NewMika offers bolder and trendier designs, which are aimed at a younger demographic. In terms of quality, both Greenlam and NewMika laminates are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring durability and longevity. In contrast, Splendor Laminates are designed to be more affordable and economical, primarily targeting the Southeast Asian market. Hence, the difference between these three laminate brands lies in their design range and target audience, as well as their cost and affordability.

Any offline studios available where all products are available?

We currently have two company-owned experience centers in India, located in Kolkata and Ahmedabad, where all our products are available for display and purchase. These experience centers offer customers the opportunity to see and experience our products in person, and our knowledgeable staff are available to answer any questions and provide guidance. In addition to our company-owned experience centers, we have also partnered with channel partners to open over 200 brand studios across the country. These brand studios offer customers access to a curated selection of our products, as well as expert advice and guidance from trained professionals.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible shopping experience, and we continuously strive to expand our reach and make our products accessible to customers across India.

What is the starting range of PRISTINE and ATMOS wooden planks?

Our starting range of PRISTINE and ATMOS wooden planks is Rs. 350 per square foot and upwards. This starting price point reflects the quality and durability of our products, as well as the craftsmanship that goes into each plank. We believe that our wooden planks offer exceptional value for money, and we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products at a fair and competitive price.

Please note that the final price of our wooden planks may vary based on factors such as the type of wood, the thickness of the plank, and the specific design or specie selected. Our knowledgeable business managers can help you choose the best wooden planks for your needs and provide a detailed cost estimate based on your specific requirements.

What is the cost of a Mikasa Door and frame and how one can order it?

The cost of a Mikasa Door and frame is Rs. 15,000 per Doorset and upwards. Our doors are bespoke and tailor-made to suit your specific requirements, ensuring that you get the perfect fit for your space.

To place an order for a Mikasa Door, you can contact our sales team by filling out the enquiry form on our website at or by calling our toll-free number at 1800 833 0004. Once we receive your enquiry, one of our experienced business managers will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements in detail. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and high-quality products and are always available to answer any questions and provide guidance throughout the ordering process.

What all products are available for Kitchens?

We at Greenlam, offer diverse range of products, including specialized design collections that are specifically suited for kitchen applications. Our Greenlam HD Gloss and NewMika SuperMar collections are high-performance products with superior gloss properties and high scratch resistance, making them ideal for kitchen use. The products are available in a wide range of colors and designs, allowing you to choose the perfect finish for your kitchen.

For those who prefer a matte finish, our Greenlam AFX, Greenlam Satin and NewMika Raso collections are an excellent choice offering a range of beautiful designs and colors, while also providing excellent durability and resistance to wear and tear. Greenlam AFX is also one of the finest ultra-matt surfaces with its distinguishing feature of anti-fingerprint surfaces. In addition to these, we also offer a variety of other options for kitchen use, including laminates, compact laminates, and veneers. Our knowledgeable staff are available to assist you in selecting the best products for your specific needs and budget, ensuring that you get the perfect fit for your kitchen design.

What type of kitchen countertops are available? And are they safe? Fire and Water resistant?

We offer a range of high-quality countertops under our Stratus Collection brand. Greenlam's Stratus Kitchen Surface Solutions provide a comprehensive selection of coordinated countertops, breakfast bars, splashbacks, and upstands. These kitchen surfaces are an ideal combination of style, utility, and durability, available in numerous textures and designs to suit any kitchen decor. Our temperature-neutral and easy-to-install surfaces are specially crafted to withstand the demanding kitchen environment, and are equipped with anti-bacterial, water-resistant, and fire-retardant properties, ensuring safety and longevity. So, whether you are looking for a classic look or a more modern sleek design and contemporary style, we have a range of colors, designs, and finishes to choose from, ensuring that you get the perfect fit for your kitchen design.

How many warehouses are available currently and how distribution works?

Currently we operate with five warehouses to support the distribution of its products. These warehouses are strategically located to ensure the efficient and timely delivery of products to the customers. Along with the warehouses, the company also operates through nine regional distribution centers, twenty-one branch offices, and over fourteen thousand distributors, dealers, and retailers in India. The distribution strategy of Greenlam is designed to provide a seamless experience to the customers, ensuring that their needs are effectively catered to.

Furthermore, Greenlam's products are also available in over one hundred countries, which are supported by four international distribution centers, fifteen international offices, and eight overseas operational subsidiaries. This extensive global presence allows the company to effectively serve the diverse needs of its customers worldwide. The distribution centers and warehouses, along with the other components of the company's distribution network, work in harmony to ensure that customers receive high-quality products and services promptly.

Any product certifications?

The safety of our consumers is always our priority. Our products, therefore, have a Greenguard, Greenguard Gold, Green Label (Singapore), and EN 16516 certification. Being compliant to all the expected standards of VOCs, formalin, and other allied chemical constituents’ emissions, Greenlam products are safe to use.

Relying on the forests for our raw material requirements, we are also sincerely committed to the cause of conserving them. Greenlam provides FSC® & PEFC Certified products that are validation of our claims of sustainable and responsible management of natural resources.

Company vision for the current year and next year?

Well, our plan for the current year and next is to venture into adjacent product categories and position Greenlam as a leading integrated wood panel player. The company has invested Rs. 1000 crores towards setting up of third Laminate plant and foray into Plywood and Particle Board business.

The investments in third Laminate plant and Particle Board is done under Greenlam South Limited, a 100% subsidiary of Greenlam Industries Limited based at Naidupeta, in Andhra Pradesh.

The company has invested in latest technology, equipment and new generation machinery to manufacture Particle Boards with a capacity of 231000 CBM per annum. The company is setting up laminate capacity of 3.5 mn sheets & boards per annum. This state-of-the-art integrated facility will be first of its kind in the industry providing matching decors for laminates, compacts, post forming laminate and prelam particle boards, thereby providing holistic surfacing & substrate solution to the customers.

The Plywood manufacturing facility will come under the subsidiary HG Industries Limited based at Tindivanam, Tamil Nadu, having a capacity of 18.9 mn sqm. per annum.

Our expansion is aimed at accelerating market opportunity and adding new revenue engines to the company's growth while maintaining a commitment to excellence in manufacturing and providing surface solutions globally. With this vision, we seek to strengthen our position as a high-quality product provider and industry leader.

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