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Airtel Xsafe camera review: Surveillance at its best

By 2026, India is expected to have 25.5 million active households with home security solutions (up from 9.9 million in 2022), according to estimates by research firm Statista.

Telecom major Bharti Airtel announced the launch of Xsafe, an end-to-end, easy-to-operate surveillance solution that includes a range of Wi-Fi based advanced cameras designed to ensure customers are connected to their homes or offices even while they are away.

Airtel Xsafe products include a sticky cam, priced at Rs 2,499, while the 360-degree cam is for Rs 2,999 and the active defense cam is for Rs 4,499. Customers can pay an annual subscription charge of Rs 999 and enjoy the first 1-month subscription for free.


We tested the Airtel Xsafe cameras for more than 6 weeks and here’s what I have to say about Wi-Fi based advanced camera system launched by Bharti Airtel. It is an easy-to-operate, end-to-end home surveillance camera system at affordable rates. The experience was much better when compared with the brands like Xiaomi and Realme or other Chinese players.

In terms of features and specifications, the 360-degree indoor camera features smart tracking, motion sensitivity control, 7-day cloud storage of videos, and two-way communication, and leaves no blind spots. Also, there is smart alerts feature with perimeter zoning. In addition to these, there is multi-person access to the video feeds.

You need to download the Airtel Xsafe App for monitoring and to use all the advanced features available on the app. The app will provide real-time alerts should the camera detect any concerning movement. It also captures the feed for you to view whenever you wish through the notifications it delivers. Rather than going through the whole day’s feed, you can simply retrieve the video at any time through the App using Airtel’s secure cloud storage. The entire solution is end-to-end encrypted ensuring complete privacy.

Airtel XSafe 360 degree camera performance

The performance of this security camera is really good. Thoughtfully designed privacy mode allows you to turn off the camera when you want. With a built-in mic and speakers, you can listen in or speak to anyone through the camera. The best part is AI algorithm on Airtel XSafe 360-degree camera intelligently detects the motion of human shapes in real-time. 

Upon seeing a moving person, the camera is smart enough to automatically track its movements and alert you with an image in real time. The overall experience with the Airtel Xsafe 360-degree camera is satisfying. Whether you talk about clarity, night mode, or audio, this product ticked almost all the right boxes.



All three cameras working are different, active defence pro is water and splash proof and can be used outdoor but sticky cam and 360 degree camera can’t be used outdoor as they are not a splash proof. All cameras come with speakers and can record the voice as well. 

You can expand the storage by inserting the micro SD card in the cameras but this camera stores the 7 day recording in the cloud automatically which can be accessed using Airtel Xsafe mobile app.

Installation of these were done by Airtel itself and it was free when you get the yearly subscription of Xsafe plan for the cameras. Installer was educated about the device and they will give you a demo once the installation is done. 
In comparison, Airtel’s Xsafe cameras are priced competitively which starts at ₹2,499 with a ₹119 per month subscription for access to all the cloud functionality and multi device access with multi device discount. This outlay isn’t entirely dissimilar to purchasing a camera from a store, but there’s that cost you pay as subscription for the convenience and additional functionality as part of the larger suite. You will pay a premium for the other devices like this, which are priced at ₹11,999 and the also monthly subscription starts at 2999/- rupees. We recommend this to all our readers and will rate it 9/10 .

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