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By- Mr. Vineet Arya, Founder- Cohire

How many of us have heard of second innings, hanging my boots, etc. 

Most of us are in our mid-life crises or approaching our 50s are nodding excessively. I get you, we all feel the same way. Enough of working for other people, and other MNCs and never enjoying the freedom of decision-making, taking a long break, or just doing what you love to do – follow your passion. 

For most of us, this time comes when we are sitting in management teams, leading functions, and we feel we have done it all. It is time to break free from the shackles of a 9 to 5 job for security and explore more where our interests lie and where we can contribute or add value after years of non-stop service. 

I have been part of many second innings groups, where like-minded people after about 3 decades of professional service, decide to branch out and move on. Always staying in touch with the corporate world, which is now their comfort zone. 

I read an article not so long ago – where it was mentioned that the second innings is like cricket. A similar cricket analogy - where the initial years of our working life feel like a T20 match. It is a very exciting period, fast-paced, with many opportunities to show one’s talent & get rewarded. You are on the move all the time, with new peaks to conquer, new places to visit, new learning and of course, meeting new people. We enjoy our work, our output makes the world a better place. 

When work defines our lives; and time & energy spent with ourselves, our families, and our passions become less and less, our fast-growing economy, improved life span, and personal well-being have made a 40-year-old’s status significantly better than what it may have been a couple of generations earlier. 

The 2nd innings will have two phases….one where you are still full of vitality and have the freedom to do many things that you didn’t have time for earlier; and the second where health sadly starts deteriorating. Being aware of these phases and knowing that the clock is ticking will help you to draw out your priorities and develop the right balance. 

Even though you may be a person of action, and work on your “gut feel”, sound decisions are best made gradually, ruminating over different options with the answer slowly becoming apparent. Reach out to your family & friends and leverage your professional network before you freeze your plans and then take gentle first steps before making big commitments. 

In summary, we've established that a working life often provides an opportunity for a second inning. Whether you need one would depend on how well your work is aligned with your priorities. If you miss the adrenalin rush, and sudden stoppage of emails & phone calls, you need to ask yourself, is this lifestyle still for me? If it makes sense to reflect and reset your life in a happier and healthier direction, then do it. It doesn't mean that you're 'back to the grind', it just means that you are continuing to do what you've always loved doing. 

 Take control of the second innings of your work life. Don't let anyone tell you that "the time for doing that has passed", it is true only if you believe that for yourself. It doesn't matter if you have already crossed that milestone, there's no limit to how many times you can give it a shot. That too with the possibilities of more success and growth. There is never a "right" time to start or stop. You can never do the right thing at the wrong time because doing what is right for you is timeless. If you know where you stand and know what you want, then don't waste your time sacrificing "today" in the hope of a better "tomorrow". Always remember that we are the authors of our own fate- we write it each day with every one of our actions. So, act toward your journey and only do what feels right, never let the illusion of age, time and society stop you from achieving all that you are capable of.

Shrey Kapoor is a Tech-Enthusiast, Harvard certified Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics Expert. He Founder, which is one of the India's Top Tech News Website. Even Forbes and many other renowned publishers took his articles reference. Shrey is a Technology analyst, strategic thinker and creative writer who is passionate to deliver the best, latest possible Tech-News to his followers and subscribers. He completed his masters in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, certified in IPR, T.Q.M. & ISO 9001:2008 In Quality Management Systems.

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