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The Games That Take You Through History

History is a fascinating subject and it has inspired lots of movies and TV shows throughout the years. Additionally, there are lots of games based on historical factions and events. These make for great titles for any gamer and if you’re looking to dive into history then these titles will help you do so:

The Assassin’s Creed Franchise

This franchise is still going on today as it has covered various periods of history. Valhalla is the newest title of the bunch and it lets you raid the English coast as a Viking. But you’ll also play as an Egyptian in Origins and get to visit pyramids and explore ancient Egypt. You’ll even meet Cleopatra and help her rise to the throne. If you’re more of a Crusades person, then you will enjoy the first game as it puts you in the shoes of Altair. But it’s the second title in the franchise that most fans enjoy. It’s set during the Renaissance and you’ll get to meet historical characters such as Machiavelli and Da Vinci.

You’ll also get to fight against the Borgias and other Templars looking to cause chaos. If that doesn’t seem fit, you can set sail as Shay or Haytham and help the War of Independence of America. You’ll even play a role in the French Revolution if you’d like to. In short, this is the ultimate franchise for any history fan as it takes you through different periods and lets you explore them as much as you’d like.


In Red Dead Redemption 2 you’ll be taken to the Wild West. You’ll be a cowboy riding his horse from town to town looking for missions to complete. You can roam around the land and see what it offers. Or you can go to the nearest saloon and enjoy a round of poker.

Poker was a prominent game back in the day, and so was blackjack. Some cowboys even liked to place bets on horses and liked to race when they had some free time. The world of sports has evolved since then and that’s why bettors enjoy their favorite sports online on sites like The important thing about them is to enjoy them responsibly. 

The Total War Franchise

Unlike the previous 2 entries, the Total War franchise is made up of strategy games. In this franchise, you’ll assume many mantles throughout different times of history. In the Rome Total War series, you’ll be an aspiring Roman that will heed the Senate's call, and defend the Republic from Gaul and other factions looking to destabilize it. But you’ll also need to be an active political leader and govern your provinces properly otherwise you’ll lose everything. Napoleon puts you in the shoes of the great general of the same name. You’ll even get to explore Japanese history in the Shogun titles and Chinese history in the Three Kingdoms. So, politics, campaigning, and ruling mixed in together make up for the reality of history in any age of man.

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