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TONE Free Earbuds Review: Better than Airpods Pro

LG launched its latest TONE Free FP9 earbuds. They’re really good that Airpod user wont miss them much. Brands like LG are competing with Apple in sound quality at an affordable price and better features.

LG TONE Free FP9 can get you a good experience on an iPhone and on an android. LG Tone Free FP9 comes with Active Noise Cancellation, UV Nano, Medical Grade Ear gels, Plug n Wireless, Meridian Sound, Active Noise Cancellation, 24 Hrs Battery, Find My Earbuds, Fast Charging, 3D Sound, whishper Mode and LG TONEFree App.

As per LG- UV NANO CHARGING CASE is for those who are Concerned about hygiene. Unique UVnano charging cradle kills 99.9% of bacteria on the speaker mesh of the earbuds in just 5 mins while charging.

You can even Plug the charging case into mobile devices, computers, treadmills, and even airplane seats and enjoy every device wirelessly. It also has a built-in high performance upper microphone detects external noise, inner microphone cancels out unwanted noise. Hi-Fi sound with a realistic sense of space. A built-in equalizer delivers impressive bass and treble tones that sound like the live recording with pristine clarity.

1.noise cancellation is good
2.Sound quality is good those who are loves to hear natural sound quality it's good for it
3.bass is good not so punchy
4. Build is good
5. Battery life is good
6. Fit is perfect and it never falls while workout or jogging

The case fits perfectly in my hands and I like how small the buds are as well. They go unnoticed easily. The case is very sleek and attractive with the matte and the buds themselves aren't too shabby either. They don't look cheap. My boyfriend agreed they look very well made and attractive, and fit into your ears in a very snug, high end type way.

The TouchPads are easy to use and with the app you can customize the controls. I rarely use them though bc I find the controls to be hard to remember. I find the app to be quite handy.

The headphones connect extremely quickly when you open the case. The first time I connected them it was SO quick and easy, I was shocked.

Ambient mode works well. Putting it on conversation mode won't actually let u hear conversations around you, at least not distinctly. Rather just a drowned out sort of chattering, like white noise I guess. To hear someone clearly you'd have to also adjust your volume rather low.  I listen to a lot of different types of music, I like to listen to choral arrangements, alot of rock/punk/emo/90s grunge, indie, and pop. 

The buds charge very quickly and hold a charge very well. I haven't measured how long in between charges but it's usually a week. I use them probably averagely 8-15 hrs a week just depending and I don't charge them often enough to even definitively say how much.

I find the volume to be well. No problems. Usually 100% volume is too loud for me and I listen at 70-80.

Once every 15ish uses it will randomly disconnect and then reconnect when you turn them on, or sometimes in the first four or five minutes of use. And occasionally you have to manually reconnect them, but both these occurrences are rare.

They go far into my ears which I prefer. They don't fall out when I smile or run which is great, though when I smile or chew they do move and will have to be readjusted probably once in a five minute period. They protrude out at the bottom next to the stem which is what causes my ears to become sore. I beleive the shape of that part is what specifically helps keep them in your ear though, so not much can be done on that. 

I have worn these in the rain (granted not hard rain, usually misting or light rain. ) and have had 0 issues.

Both the iOS and Android apps work great although updating the firmware on the earbuds with iOS was slow and mostly didn't work. I spent about 30 minutes trying to update the firmware on iOS and after it finally "worked" I thought I was good. After pairing with my Android phone the same firmware update was available so I had the Android app update both earbuds and it took less than 5 minutes. I'll be using Android to update the firmware going forward because of this one issue. I didn't notice any change after the firmware update so if I didn't have an Android device I wouldn't have missed out on anything so I didn't want to knock off a star for that reason.

The comfort level is top notch, but they do not feel very secure with the included tips. I did test them and no matter how much I shook my head or moved around they were not going anywhere, they are definitely secured in place, they just don't feel like it with other earbuds I've used. They really feel like they're just floating in my ears which just adds to the comfort level for me.

I will recommend this to all who loves music and wants a long battery life.

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