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These Gadgets Will Elevate Your Fun in the Sun

There’s been some scorching weather in many countries across the globe in the past few months, as summer has raged on in the Northern hemisphere. When the weather runs so warm, it’s tempting for some tech fans to hide themselves away in a darkened room, entertaining themselves with their assorted electronics, and just try to keep cool by staying completely out of the sun. However, what if you’re someone who loves being out and about during summer, but also wants to revel in some much-loved gadgetry? 


It might seem a tough ask at times, as most of the technology we cherish seems to be especially allergic to the sun. Fortunately, a bunch of bright sparks has come up with several gadgets that will allow you to further enjoy your technology outside, enabling you to both be entertained and get some much-needed vitamin D. 


Solar Powered Charger


Using your phone when out in the blistering heat can quickly leave you asking the question, why do phone batteries drain down so quickly in super warm weather? Well, how about instead of letting the sun zap your phone of energy, you harness its intense power to actually charge up your device? If that sounds good to you, then you need to get yourself a solar-powered charging bank. 


The technology manages to evolve the already handy charging banks that enable users to charge their phones wherever they are, by having handy solar panels attached to them. This means your charging bank will never actually run out of juice, and therefore neither will your phone, as long as the sun is out. 


There are many now available on sites such as Amazon. Just some of our most recommended models though are the QiSa Solar Power Bank, which has an enormously powerful 30,000 mAh battery;  the FEELLE Solar Power Bank, which cleverly folds out to reveal many solar panels, meaning it will be able to charge your phone quicker; or the Goal Zero Nomad 5 Solar Panel, which is the most compact, while still packing decent charging power. 


Laptop Tent


Picture the scene, it’s a beautiful day out, one where there’s not even a single solitary cloud blemishing the deep blue sky. However, you’ve got some urgent work that needs typing up, or heck, maybe you just really want to use your laptop. No worries, you think, you’ll kill two birds with one stone, and just use it outside. Well, unfortunately, if you’ve ever been in this scenario, you’ll know the instant pain of not even being able to see your screen, due to the blinding sun glare beaming down. Thankfully, though, there are products now available that will consign this predicament to the past. 


One of the best around is the Lapdome Laptop Tent, which is like the name suggests, a mini-tent designed just for your computer to reside in. What this amazing gadget then perfectly does is shield not just your screen, but your entire laptop from the elements. It’s not too bulky a product when set up, and there are thoughtful holes in the coverings, meaning you can easily fit various charging cables through, fantastically allowing you to then soak up some sun, and use your laptop however you please. 


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Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Do you know what makes a warm day at the beach or park, where you’re just chilling in the sun with friends, even better? Well, that’s being able to play out some laid-back tunes, of course. Although you can play your music straight out of your phone’s speakers, this always makes it sound tinny and low-quality. What you need is a portable Bluetooth speaker, which will have your chosen tracks sounding delightful to the ears of you and your group. 


A couple of the best brands for portable Bluetooth speakers are; JBL, which do some great durable models, and Anker, which are brilliant for those with lower budgets. Whilst none of them will probably make it onto the 10 gadgets which are ahead of time lists, they’ll still be an essential purchase for outdoors fun for music lovers. 


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