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Call of Duty: Warzone tips and tricks and everything you need to know


Activision never published a game that isn't playable – you can achieve those win streaks you've only ever imagined. All you need to know is how the game works and what is required of you. More importantly, you'll need secret tips and tricks that many opponents may not know.

So, in this article, you'll learn all you need to know, along with some Warzone tips and tricks. But before we start, grab some of the best warzone hacks and cheats to simplify the process and make your game more playable. 

Warzone Tips and tricks you need to know

  1. Know the maps and how to use them

Never limit your experience to Warzone's Verdansk map because there are others such as Caldera, Rebirth Island, Fortune's Keep, etc. These maps are different and also depend on what game you're playing. More so, they may individually require unique approaches. 

There are many things you should take note of as you play the game. Among these are good loot locations, favorable landing locations, respawn points, covers, and ambush locations. The best way to learn your Warzone maps is by sticking with a single map at any given time.

  1. Hot zones are not always the best landing locations

This tip varies largely with individuals, as not everyone has the same playstyle. Also, this depends on your skill and experience level. Hot zones contain a lot of loot and attract players who may be more advanced than you.

There are many such locations with high-value loot: Airfield, Capital, Ruins, Lagoon, and Peak. These locations hold crates and guns that could be very hard to get. We never prohibited you from going to high-loot locations. Only go there when you have picked some good guns or acquired your loadout.

  1. If you have skills, go for contracts.

Contracts in Warzone are of numerous benefits in the game. Moreover, you still get to benefit from some contracts even if you don’t live long enough to complete them. For example, you’ll uncover valuable intel from Recon contracts long before you complete the contract.

Most Wanted and Bounty are contracts you must never attempt if you're unfamiliar with your weapons or the map. These contracts make other players hunt you for a reward. If you’re after loot, pick a Scavenger contract. Lastly, you have the Supply Run to help you earn discounts for anything you want from the buy station. 

  1. Adjusting your in-game setting can be an added advantage

While matches in Warzone come with default settings that may favor others, they may not be the best for you. We recommend that you tweak your sensitivity settings a little bit. Somewhere between 7 and 7.5 will serve you just fine.

Also, we recommend setting the Slide Behavior to "Tap." You might also want to prevent your parachute from auto-deploying. You can do this under the "Parachute Auto-Deploy Behavior" by selecting "Disabled." Lastly, reduce your in-game music volume to 0.00.

  1. Never ignore sounds around you.

Warzone has a lot of things – such as opened boxes and doors, gunfire, a glint in the horizon, and so on – that serve as indicators. In addition to these, sounds are very important. This is why we hinted at keeping the music volume turned off. You can further maximize this tip by investing in some gaming-specific headphones.

You'll need to hear the footstep of players around you – you can never tell a foe from an enemy. Revive sound or coughing inside the gas can alert you of someone. Lastly, you’ll be able to differentiate heavy-duty guns from shotguns from the enemy around the corner. That way, you’ll decide if you're engaging them in face-to-face combat or strategizing an ambush. 


The tips above will work for you irrespective of whether you’re a COD newbie. You’ll need to know which opponents are worth taking head-on or flanking. More importantly, you must never pull that trigger if you’re not sure of hitting your target.

Also, Activision did players favor providing sound indicators to warn you of nearby players. Make sure you maximize them – adjusting some settings will ease things. Lastly, make it a point to complete contracts whenever you can.

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