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How to Dress Up as a Big and Tall man?

 Fashion, like any other sector, has its own ups and downs, and nobody is subjected to more "wonder items" or "life-changing buys" than a man with meat on his bones.

You can forget about most of it.  It is ineffective, and it creates a problem where none exists.

Dressing effectively is all about exhibiting your body in the nicest and most attractive light possible, without distorting or altering it in any way. Anything else is just make-believe.  To that end, we've compiled our best advice for the big and tall guys.

With a little wise dressing, you may look fit, elegant, and sophisticated whether you have broad shoulders, round belly or a big-bottom, or all three simultaneously. 

What Should You Wear If You're Overweight?

Dressing appropriately does not change your shape or size, but it does offer you a more balanced look. With a little energy and time, you'll be surprised at how beautifully everything works out. Here are some suggestions for big and tall clothes;

  • Dresses that are too baggy or sagging will never conceal a large frame. Rather, invest in well-fitting clothing.

  • Vertically striped shirts are preferred over horizontally striped shirts.

  • Wearing clothing with a lot of patterns and prints is a no-no.

  • Keep a wardrobe full of blazers, suits, and coats.

  • Suspenders should be used instead of belts whenever possible.

  • Hats and caps should be worn.

  • Simple shirts are the way to go.

  • The most important thing to remember is to exercise! Not for the goal of losing weight quickly, but for the emotional and physical benefits it provides. It invigorates you and puts you in check.

What are the best fabrics for big and tall men?

If you're a bigger or taller guy, aim for lighter textiles - but not too light. If the materials are too thick, they will bulk out your frame; if they are too thin, they will reveal your bulges and/or height.

Avoid viscose for suits, splits, and smart-casual outfits because heavy, inexpensive fabrics trap heat and exacerbate sweating. 

Cotton should always be used for shirts, tanks, and pants (polycotton is also fine). Soft, natural fabrics, such as linen tops drape close to the body without appearing bulky. For jeans, suede denim is essential because it molds to your shape for a tailored fit.

What are the best colours for big and tall men to go for?

To keep yourself from seeming like a huge snack, avoid clashing strong hues like crimson, violet, green, yellow and orange, on shirts and tees. Coloured jeans are acceptable but solid basic tones are where you steal the show: navy, brown, olive, blue and black. These dark-hued big block spaces flatter your figure and are ideal for tees, coats, and knits.

What patterns are suitable?

Conventional patterns on buttoned shirts, such as dots and stripes, have a distracting element and can liven up a drab office look. Try incorporating checks into dark-hued shirts and modest stripes into muted-hued blazers. Light patterns with prints are preferred over anything with busy images or patterns.

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