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5 Games You Can Play Online with Friends

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A surge in mobile game installations was recorded during the first nine months of 2020, and it’s hard not to see why. Rajan Navani reported that 7.3 billion mobile games were installed in India during the indicated time period due to the growing need for virtual interactions with friends, family, and peer groups. Indeed, online games are great for allowing individuals to reconnect with their friends wherever they are. So if you’ve been apart from your friends or family, you can reunite by playing one of these online games.

Charades on Bunch

Charades is an all-time classic that originated as a riddle in 18th-century France. Three centuries later, this game can be played across borders through a video chat platform called Bunch. This app already has a built-in Charades feature, which automatically picks an actor at random and allows the opponents to choose a category for the keyword.

Texas Hold’em on PokerStars Home Games

Texas Hold‘em is one of the most popular games played online due to its competitive and social gameplay, and there are many platforms that offer this game.’s guide to playing online poker with friends lists PokerStars Home as one of the best global platforms for private games. Even better you can set up free games so there is no actual money involved. To make the game even more fun you should use Zoom to observe your friends’ poker face. While you can’t directly connect Zoom to an online poker site, you can just set up the video call in a window next to the poker game.

Chips & Guac on Houseparty

If you want to enjoy a good laugh with your friends then you should play a word association game called Chips and Guac through Houseparty. This game is similar to Cards Against Humanity since it will provide you with a Guac card that must be matched with a Chip card from the other players. The one who provides the most hilarious Chip cards wins the game!

Call of Duty on Android

Our previous article on the ‘Characteristics of a Great Android Gaming App’ emphasized that the best mobile games have great graphics and a quick loading time, among many other features. Call of Duty manages to meet all these qualities while being a free and accessible mobile game, at the same time! You and your friends would surely love this navigating through warfare game, which has been acclaimed as one of the best-selling video games in the world.

Sims 4 Multiplayer Mod

You and your friends can hang out at each other's house or travel to other cities together through The Sims 4 Multi-player mod.’s feature interview with the manager and producer of Sims 4 credits the fans of the video game for creating complementary software programs that can enhance the gaming experience. The multiplayer mod, in particular, can be downloaded for free and can allow your group to interact with each other's characters in real-time!

Despite the distance, you can reunite with your friends and play fun games just like in the old days! There is a wide array of online games that you can choose from, so your group can find new ways to virtually interact and play with each other.

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