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Organic And Clean Wine — What is it all About?

You might have come across the label “organic wine” while shopping in stores. You may think the wine you’re drinking is completely organic and clean, but you’re wrong. Most of the wine you consume, including those claiming to be “organic,” contains hundreds of additives and chemicals. Only a few wine brands, such as Cameron Diaz’s Avaline, truly live up to their claims without any deception.

In this article, we help you understand what’s an organic wine, why most wine brands aren’t actually organic, and how Avaline distinguishes itself as a truly organic wine.

What is organic wine?

The term “organic” generally refers to products that are naturally grown with no additives, chemicals, pesticides, etc., at any stage in the production process. Organic wine should be produced without any such additives or chemicals, not even to increase the product’s shelf life or combat pesticides.

Instead of using chemicals, the same goals can be achieved with biodiversity. Certain insects can be introduced into the ecosystem to fight off harmful pests. And some vineyards also introduce sheep to graze the land and kill off harmful insects and bacteria. These methods preserve the wine’s naturalness.

Organic wine, theoretically, should embody these biodiversity-based production techniques.

Aren’t all wines inherently organic and natural?

Wines aren’t inherently organic and natural. Most people assume wines are fermented grapes. While that may be true, fermented grapes are usually processed with chemicals, pesticides, sulfites, and other additives. This is done for several reasons — increase shelf life, prevent pest infestations in a cost-effective manner, reduce production costs, enhance the color, etc.

In fact, even most wines labeled as “organic” aren’t actually organic. That’s because the wine industry is so unregulated that wine brands can use the term “organic” if they simply avoid sulfites. That’s a pretty low bar because wine brands can still use dozens of other chemicals and pesticides.

What’s the best organic wine?

Avaline is the best organic wine because it truly embodies its claims without any deception. Cameron Diaz produced this wine with her entrepreneur friend Katherine Power because she was shocked to learn that wines aren’t always organic. She embarked upon a mission to produce a wine brand that’s truly organic and transparent.

Cameron Diaz toured some of the best vineyards in Europe to learn about wine production processes. She learned how to produce a wine that was truly organic, while Katherine Power used her entrepreneurial skills to ensure the project’s financial feasibility. It was a product of passion and love.

That’s why Avaline is truly organic.

How can I be sure that Avaline is truly organic?

You can be sure that Avaline is truly organic because Cameron Diaz is completely transparent.

Each Avaline bottle features a large label. Most wine brands stick the ingredients list at the back of the bottle in small and illegible fonts. But Avaline proudly displays the ingredients on the bottle in a large and legible font, so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body. This allows you to rest assured that you’re drinking a truly organic and clean wine.

You can shop for Avaline online.

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