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PicsArt Gold: The perfect tool for editing

Editing pictures never goes out of style. An edited picture can be a real game changer. PicsArt is one of the foremost photo and video editing apps that allows you to edit and create content and easily share it on social media. PicsArt is free to download and use on the Android and iOS marketplace. The basic tools are free to use but PicsArt Gold offers you much more advanced editing experience.

PicsArt Gold is a premium subscription which can be upgraded on your existing PicsArt account. The Gold subscription gives you access to multiple features like premium vide and photo editing tools, 50k+ stock images, option of saving images in high resolution and much more.

Here are some of the tools you can unlock with a gold subscription. 

FLTR Effects

Even though PicArt has a wide range of filters, with premium filters you can be one step ahead. The handpicked range of filters by PicsArt team can completely change the look of your photos.

Object Removal

Sometimes to make a picture stand out, you need to process it or edit it accordingly. But often there are obstacles that need to be tackled first like removing an unwanted object or getting rid of the background. This can be done using the PicsArt Object removal feature. Object removal is one of the most requested tools. PicsArt is able to detect and carefully remove the object without leaving any clue. You can remove the people from the background easily without spoiling the pictures. 


Stickers are an amazing tool to make the pictures and videos interesting. With Gold, you get a wide variety of stickers right from Hello Kitty stickers to Holiday makeup. PicsArt has over 5K+ stickers in their collection, so you can easily have fun with these stickers. 


We all want our pictures to look a little extra beautiful for social media. The beautify features like perfect face structure, flawless skin, bright eyes, remove wrinkles and sparkling teeth can help you in enhancing your features.

Video Editing

PicsArt also has an advanced video editing feature. The app brings your entire beloved photo editing tools from effects to stickers, FLTRs and much more to video.


If you want to add a beautiful quote to your photos, you can easily do that by using the text feature on the app. With the Gold subscription, you have access to 1K+ option of fonts to choose from, right from Blockography to Sniglet.

Other Benefits

With Gold, once you have edited your pictures you can save them in high resolution. The high-resolution feature offers better quality images without any compression, so the output images retain all the data. Another essential feature which you can get from the Gold subscription is the removal of the watermark. There is no more water mark on the images which are edited in PicsArt app.

PicsArtGold offers two subscription options- monthly (Rs199) and annual (Rs1199). It is a steal deal for all the amazing features so if you want to put out some well-editing images and videos that can help you grab attention, this is it. 

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