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Celebrate International Women's Day with a Breath of Fresh Air with Molekule Air Mini

Air Purifiers are no longer considered a luxury for homes. The need to breathe clean air is as essentially as water and food in our day to day lives. Molekule aims to solve the problem of bad indoor air quality through its breakthrough Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) technology. This year celebrate Women’s Day with Molekule Air Mini and gift the joy of breathing clean and fresh air to your loved ones.  


Air Mini is one of the initial offerings from Molekule in India, a science company reimagining the future of clean air. As opposed to conventional air purifiers that are available in the market, Molekule air purifiers actually destroys airborne pollutants, instead of just collecting them on the filter. Molekule Air Mini is powered by the same PECO technology and is ideal for your apartments, bedrooms, and home offices. The award-winning Air Mini is currently available on at a retail price of INR 37,999. Air Mini The purifier has 5 different fan speeds that can be adjusted as required.


Air Mini is compact and designed for rooms up to up to 23 sq meters – ideal for apartments, bedrooms, and home offices providing you clean air everywhere. Most air purifiers rely on HEPA technology that uses filters to collect pollutants. However, Molekule’s PECO technology destroys pollutants 1000 times smaller than those tested in HEPA standard tests. It destroys pollutants like mold, viruses, bacteria, ozone, and VOCs at the molecular level, eliminating them from the air we breathe. Molekule’s PECO technology is whisper-quiet, ozone-free, and has a robust proven history of using oxidation to destroy airborne pollutants.


Pick your Molekule Air Mini today and give the women in your life the opportunity to breathe cleaner air inside the confines of their homes or workspaces. 


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