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Discover The Developers Behind The Classic Rainbow Riches Game Series

 As the world of online casino games continues to go from strength to strength, players everywhere are falling in love with this exciting business. From slots to poker to roulette and everything in between, the world of online casino games has never been richer!

A few particular games have proved to be immensely popular with players the world over, rising to the top thanks to their high quality and great potential for earning. One of these titles is undoubtedly Rainbow Riches. In fact, this is now more of a series of games than a single game, with creators Barcrest recognising the potential of the brand and propelling it to the heights of stardom.

Boasting stunning graphics, great themes and a seriously high RTP, Rainbow Riches is quite simply one of the best slot games on the web. In this article, we will take a look at the developers behind this classic game series, as well as what makes the game so adored across the world. If you fancy a slice of the Rainbow Riches action, this great game can be enjoyed at Fruity King.

So, without further ado, let’s get started by taking a look at who Barcrest are and what makes them so great at creating online casino games!

Who are Barcrest?

Founded in Manchester in 1968, Barcrest began life as a company making fruit machines and other gaming fun. The company quickly became the biggest industry player in the nation Soon, the brand’s high-quality machines were being exported across Europe, with the quality of the game exploding with technological advances. Indeed, players everywhere grew to love the skill-based elements that were quickly growing in prominence.

Then, in 1998, Barcrest changed forever. The company was purchased by gaming behemoth IGT (International Game Technology) in a £42m deal. During this time, the now world-famous slot game Rainbow Riches was developed, propelling the Barcrest brand to the heights of online gaming.

Some thirteen years later, in 2011, IGT sold the brand for £35m to Scientific Games. Today, this parent company is going strong and consistently enables Barcrest to do what they do best; produce some of the finest online casino games on the planet!

Why do players love Rainbow Riches?

The reasons that Rainbow Riches have proven so popular are many. First of all, the basic but massively fun looks of this slot have propelled Rainbow Riches to stardom. 

With a colourful look that encourages players to have fun, this is a great slot. Blending this aspect with the winning theme and a rad little leprechaun mascot has also been a masterstroke. Add some pots of gold and a beautiful rainbow and it is clear why players love this game! 

Rainbow Riches uses five reels and twenty pay lines, offering a wide array of cool symbols as well as standard playing cards to excite gamers of every conceivable type.

At the heart of the Rainbow Riches success story are the bonus rounds. Offering serious potential for a huge win, these include things like the Pot of Gold Bonus, the Wishing Well Bonus and the Road to Riches Bonus.

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