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Top 6 Best Apps to Spy on a Cell Phone

There has been a sudden influx in spy applications off lately. The relationships have become more fragile, the trust is shaken, the phone obsession has reached to an unparalleled level. This has made people resort to spy applications to know what their loved ones are really up to.

When you intend to spy on someone’s cell phone, you need to be utterly discrete and secretive in the process. There is an extreme urge to be utterly anonymous while doing that. You must know that it is incredibly easy to spy on a cell phone if you have the right platform in place.

A lot of spy applications have been entering the spy industry. But, amidst all the competition, there have been a few applications like Minspy that have created a niche in the industry. So, despite a stern competition, the below mentioned spy applications are the most sought after apps:

As a web based application, Mispy is a superb spy service provider. It is a platform that is well entrusted with all leading, popular and even rare spy features. The application provides the perfect impetus to spy on a cell phone without compromising on security. 

A lot of Minspy’s features make it stand apart as compared to other spy applications. It enables the users to practically clone the target cell phone. You can see every single engagement of the user, every communication that he partakes in.

Out of the many core features that the app possesses, below are some perfect features that make Minspy the most coveted spy application:

Stealth Mode

Minspy ensures secrecy of conduct with its superb stealth mode. The application has a built in stealth mode that makes this spy app avoid detection risks. Throughout your spying conduct, you can be relieved of anonymity with the stealth mode. 

No Jailbreaking/Rooting Required

The application does not require its users to jailbreak or root through the target cell phone. You can spy in a totally remote manner. You do not need to see if the target phone is around you to jailbreak or root through, 

As a matter of fact, Minspy keeps sharing requirements to the very minimum. It wouldn’t seek any unnecessary information. No app would ensure the protection of your privacy and ensuring anonymity like Minspy. You don’t have to worry about any detection risks. 

The remote access and conduct makes you operate independently without looking out for opportunities to break into someone’s phone. That could be risky. But, Minspy keeps it simple and efficient in a jailbreak free and root free manner. 

Key Features

You can imagine any sort of way you want to spy on someone’s phone and Minspy would come forward as a rightful alternative for it. You can see a lot of things with Minspy. You can see who someone is texting, exchanging media files with, you can also see their social media engagements. 

Further, with Minspy, you can also have a first hand view at someone’s social media pages. It is a known fact that chat messengers and social media pages control our lives right now and Minspy will give you an unhindered access towards it. 

Taking it a few notches up, Minspy also has a superb Keylogger feature. This enables and ensures that you can see someone’s core keystrokes on the phone. The key strokes can be some deletions they make, some drafts they create or something type but delete. 


Reliability is something of extreme importance when concerning a spy application. You cannot just trust any app that has been launched or is providing a truck load of features. You could practically be putting your relationship at stake if you do not have the support of a good spy application.

This is where Minspy wins. It is extremely trustworthy and reliable as a spy application. It practically understands what are the expectations of the users of the apy application and how to meet them. Your interests and datas are secured and protected. 

All these features corroborate to the fact that Minspy deserves the recognition it has attained over time. The application is one of the most promising spy apps that are to exist. It offers bespoke security and attainable services. 


Spyier is a spying giant. The application has earned fan accolades from around the world. It has a perfect set up for spying and a very convenient way to move around the app and get what you seek/desire. The application has time and again proved its mettle as a superb spy app. 


Spyine is all about the perfect form of spying. The application has the perfect impetus, features and functions that ensure a seamless spying experience. You can track someone’s location, media exchange, messages, etc. 


Spyic is a wonderful spy alternative for spying. It has a very proliferating client base. The application has many bespoke features that put Spyic in one of the top applications in a very competitive spy industry 


Neatspy has an essentially neat dashboard. Even first timers with technology or spy applications can feel absolutely at ease with the app. It also has a good stealth mode and allows remote access into a desired Android or iPhone. 


Clickree is also a very coveted spy app for spying on a cell phone. The application provides the perfect interface for necessitating seamless spy features. It also has a bespoke stealth mode that keeps your spying essentially a secret. 


Frankly, even if you randomly search on google, you will know that the results can be bewildering about the ways to spy on a cell phone. The spy apps try to make themselves look lucrative through free demos and many out worldly claims. 

There is a paucity of honest applications like Minspy that offer what they claim. The other applications stated as well can give you an insight into someone’s cell phone in an honest manner. So, you can make your informed choice based on which app suits your budget and requirement the best.

Shrey Kapoor is a Tech-Enthusiast, Harvard certified Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics Expert. He Founder, which is one of the India's Top Tech News Website. Even Forbes and many other renowned publishers took his articles reference. Shrey is a Technology analyst, strategic thinker and creative writer who is passionate to deliver the best, latest possible Tech-News to his followers and subscribers. He completed his masters in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, certified in IPR, T.Q.M. & ISO 9001:2008 In Quality Management Systems.

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