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Watching sports has become an immersive experience on LG OLED TVs

2020 has brought us many challenges. However, one of the biggest setbacks that we have had to face is the lack of live sports, with the pandemic making it impossible to hold large-scale sporting events a possibility. Even the NBA Championships has had to be postponed! However, for sports fanatics one of the biggest respites have been watching sports on TV. This has led to a major demand for high definition OLED screens, which makes the world’s biggest sporting events come to life and in high-definition detail.

At the end of June, we thankfully saw the triumphant return of some major leagues and competitions, like the English Premier League, Spain’s La Liga and Korean Baseball. All these have heightened the demand for Live Television, especially since current limitations in travel has resulted a large-scale dependency on Sport watching for entertainment.

Large TV screens like that of LG OLED TV’s make you feel like you;re watching every big game in person. The huge 88-inch screen with more than 100 million self-lit subpixels* showcases every small movement without any color shift, blur, or flicker, especially when you want to catch every second of the winning goal in a game.

Because every pixel illuminates one by one, LG OLED TVs can display fast-moving sport with less blur and flicker that you might see on backlit LCD TVs. OLED Motion Pro technology shows action-packed sport with uniformity and clarity, while advanced TruMotion lets you see every small object and movement at all times. The REAL 8K technology delivers a stadium experience right before your eyes. LG OLED 8K upscales 2K or 4K content into the most life-like 8K picture to help the viewer enjoy the sport with enhanced sharpness, detail, and definition.

OLED TVs from LG also deliver the widest viewing angles with the 65-inch LG Signature OLED 4K TV, providing a more immersive spectacle for home entertainment. What makes it even more interesting is the Sports Alert option which helps the viewer keep track of their teams, results, fixtures and start times and also provides automatic updates throughout games.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the biggest factor in the advancement of technology in OLED TVs. However, the innovative Nano Cell technology that LG has originated has also been in the news since it uses more cost-effective liquid crystal technology powered through an α9 (Alpha9) processor providing the consumer the best viewing experience. In fact, the α9 Gen3 AI processor through deep-learning algorithms automatically detects the genre and switches to sports mode. Also, the players movements, expressions, and numbers appear more clearly and make it seem like they're right in front of you.

Sports, which is a religion for many needs a fast response time in a screen in order to ensure image accuracy. LG’s new OLED Motion Pro and TruMotion, has light-speed 120Hz response time and heightens precision, in order to follow small objects and ensure that the viewer can catch every basket, score or goal.

Thus, be a re-cap or Live Sports, LG has you covered. High resolution images help you find the optimum visual pleasure to appease to both your unconscious and conscious- making it as seamless as possible to enjoy sports sitting in your living room.

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