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How to Fax Internationally Online For Free: Send & Receive Faxes - Microsoft Store

Technology has transformed every industry and fax has not been left behind. Today, online fax services make it easy to send international faxes online. Fortunately, some online fax services offer a free tier to their users. 

According to GoogleFaxFree, you can send Microsoft faxes from Office 365. To accomplish this, you will need an online fax addon from Microsoft Store. GoogleFaxFree is the most comprehensive blog on internet faxing. 

In this post, we show you how you can fax internationally online for free using a reliable fax service. 

Requirements for sending and receiving international faxes online

To be able to send and receive and fax online, there are several things involved. Here is what is needed to send and receive international faxes: 

  • Online fax service - We recommend CocoFax 
  • Fax number - CocoFax provides you with a free fax number 
  • Internet-enabled device - a computer or smartphone 

CocoFax - Best international online fax service

With CocoFax, you get to instantaneously send an international fax from your Office 365. CocoFax has been hitting the headlines of major media outlets like Forbes. Over a million users trust CocoFax to send international faxes. 

Besides, check out GoogleFaxFree on how to send an international fax. With CocoFax, can also send and receive local faxes online. To make it possible to fax from Microsoft store, CocoFax integrates Office 365. 

CocoFax lets you choose a custom free fax number for sending and receiving faxes online. Also, you get 30 days of free service after signing up for the service. 

How to fax internationally for free using CocoFax 

Below are the simple steps involved when sending international faxes from CocoFax addon in Microsoft store. To do this you need to have an Office 365 document that you need to fax. 

Step 1: Open Office 365 application. In the menu bar, open the ‘Insert’ option and click on the Office addon tab. Next, search CocoFax in the Add On window. 

Now, click the ‘Add’ button. After the installation of the addon in your Office 365, you will be able to fax Office 365 documents globally. The CocoFax addon will be added to the home menu of your Office 365. 

Step 2: You are now ready to send an international fax. After opening the document you wish to fax, click the CocoFax addon. A faxing window will open where you can select the pages you wish to fax. 

Click continue when you are done. 

Step 3: Next, provide the recipient’s fax number. Make sure to include the country code and the recipient fax number then hit the continue button. Now, sign in to your CocoFax account by providing your login credentials. 

You can register if you don’t have a CocoFax account already. During the signup process, you will get to choose a custom fax number free of charge. 

Step 4: After signing in to your CocoFax account, a notification will pop-up about the fax you’re about to send. Hit the Send button to proceed with the fax. The fax will instantly be transmitted to your recipient. 

CocoFax will even send you a notification indicating the status of the sent fax. The notifications will be in your CocoFax dashboard and email address. 

Receiving international faxes: CocoFax makes it a lot easier to receive faxes than it is to send them. If you signup for the service using your Outlook or Hotmail account, you will receive faxes in your email. 

Incoming faxes are attached in your email as pdf documents. Also, you can access received faxes in your CocoFax dashboard by opening the Inbox folder. 

Why is CocoFax unique?

CocoFax has some amazing capabilities among all the different online fax services. Here are some of them: 

1. Versatile and reliable 

Besides letting you send international faxes directly from Office 365, CocoFax supports other methods. For instance, you send faxes from your email address or CocoFax dashboard. 

Also, CocoFax integrates Google Docs, Google Drive, and OneDrive. What’s more, CocoFax sends notifications for both incoming and outgoing faxes. CocoFax ensures you are aware of all incoming faxes and alerts. 

2. Safe and secure 

CocoFax employs the latest security protocols to protect faxes during transmission. It encrypts faxes to protect them to ensure no one can access them online. Also, faxes in your dashboard are protected by a password. 

To send international fax online, the only convenient way is through an online fax service. Some like CocoFax provide a free tier that allows you to send and receive faxes online. Try it out, it will surprise you. 

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