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Best New Slots Games to play on Mobile

With more and more of us choosing to play our favorite casino games online rather than at our local casino, the quality of offerings is improving with each passing week.

One area that is particularly popular right now is that of mobile slots games. More immersive and thrilling than ever before, this genre of casino game is booming.

Mobile capabilities now mean that slots games on phones and tablets are almost ridiculously impressive. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best new slots games to play on mobile. Whether you like classic fruit machine-style offerings or modern adventure-themed romps, the best slots on mobile are all listed here.

Let’s get things kicked off with a modern classic.

Starburst Slot Game for Mobile
One of the most popular slots ever, Starburst is renowned for its great RTP rate and multiple bonus rounds. 

Yet everybody knows that the reason for Starburst’s success is mainly down to its gorgeous design. Now, you can play the legendary Starburst slot on mobile devices, and it looks better than ever!

With beautiful blues, rich reds and gorgeous greens, the color palette of this slot just has something so lovely about it on the screen of a modern phone or tablet.

Playing Starburst on a mobile device has to go down as one of the most intense and rewarding experiences in all of online casino gaming. Games like this are the reason that so many players are heading online for slots, with sites such as providing players with key information on new slot sites.

Gonzo’s Quest Slot Game for Mobile
Another of the best-loved slot games ever created, Gonzo’s quest is famed among slot lovers for its amazing graphics. Now you can enjoy this amazing Inca-themed adventure on mobile, with Gonzo’s Quest looking more stunning than ever on the high-resolution screens of today’s phones and tablets.

Gonzo’s Quest is all about finding the lost city of El Dorado and spinning your way to untold riches! Players adore this game for its good RTP rate, exciting bonus features and, perhaps more than anything, for how amazing it is to play on mobile.

You will see stunning symbols and brightly hued colors throughout your Gonzo’s Quest experience, with the new capabilities of mobile devices meaning this game runs as smooth as any and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere!

When it comes to the best new slots games to play on mobile, the two games listed in this article simply can not be beaten! Whether you choose a fruity fun-time or an adventurous romp in the Americas, slot games are now more impressive than ever when enjoyed on a mobile device.

For our money, we expect it to be a very long time indeed until anything can come close to rivaling the quality, thrills and beauty of these slot games on any type of mobile device!

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