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Let LG entertain you while keeping your kids occupied during this summer

In 2020, we found an unexpected disruption in our lives. The Coronavirus pandemic changed the way we live our lives and made ‘Stay at Home’ the new normal for our work and home life. People all over the world have been trying to adapt to this new lifestyle, often feeling bored being perpetually indoors, without a social life or being able to travel. If one has kids, it becomes an even harder ordeal to try and find something productive for them to engage in.
The United Nations recently warned about a mental health crisis which can result due to lockdowns and other curbs to independence, due to the pandemic. Thus, it become imperative to take care of ourselves and invest in productive ways to engage our minds. Advanced technology can give people agility to live their life in a more meaningful and flexible way. On LG’s Intelligent AI TVs, like the LG OLED ThinQ AI TV, you can access smart suggestions of shows that you and your family can enjoy.
Children also need to engage in productive activities with schools closed and being indoors during these tough times. LG’s OLED55C8PTA TV provides suggestions that are designed by the AI processor to help provide content from educational shows, suited for children and adults alike. In fact, you can even watch Youtube on the TV when there is a school holiday with the children, or watch a World War II documentary on Netflix or Disney+ which are enabled with the TV to help further your knowledge and gain productivity.
Whether it be a sporting event thanks to 120Hz refresh rate or in a movie theater with unprecedented detail and clarity, LG’s newest OLED TVs boast the new and improved α (Alpha) AI Processor for enhanced immersion to give you the feeling of being there. At CES 2020, LG showed the world how its OLED TVs are tailor-made for the consumer’s various needs.
In India, the launch of LG Signature OLED TVs has grabbed a bit of attention with its top-notch 4K HDR display quality, digital assistant powered through an α9 (Alpha9) processor helping you find the best content and innovative gaming options through high optimization and high resolution picture quality. The WebOS system is a smart platform for interactive features-ideal for gaming; it is one of the best systems out in the Indian market. You can also try gaming by taking advantage of the NVIDIA G-SYNC in LG OLED TVs which provides gamers superior speed and color without an annoying lag.
Beyond TVs, LG’s UltraGear gaming monitors also provide a gaming experience that uses Nano Cell technology and delivers a game-changing 1 ms response time with minimized blue and ghosting.
The LG V60 ThinQ 5G and LG Dual Screen Smartphones are also products that can help maintain portability and keep the kids entertained.  They have many features like unique dual display which can be used as a game pad as well as a strong AI driven processor to keep the game going.
Thus, do not fret! If you feel anxious or bored, you can choose among the portfolio of Entertainment products from LG to take care of your various needs in these unprecedented times!

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