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Is your system slow while doing Work From Home? Here's how you can Make your Systems Future Ready

Future-proofing your computer/ Laptops essentially means that you making sure it has an backbone of the latest technology and hardware that will hopefully making it not slow during use of heavy applications.

With the country-wide lockdown for reducing COVID-19 cases, many are now struggling with their productivity at home. Home Desktops or Laptops that were neglected for ages, are now being used and overused every day. While some are gaming on it for days together, others are on edge with Work from Home workloads. 

As an insight, we are getting multiple queries for things to check for upgrading their systems with limited budgets – Desktops & laptops. Also, recently there was a surge to buy new laptops. But not everyone was prepared to afford them.

Lets figure out ! - best possible solutions during this time.

Why is PC suddenly so slow?

Primary Solutions: 
i. Use the Disk Clean-Up for getting rid of Temp files

ii. The disk can be full with the backups you took on your last working day. Manually Free some space first from the OS drive & keep backups on external drives

iii. You might have too many internet intensive apps working, which your home internet is struggling to manage. You might have to work with One software at a time.

iv. If you are working with remote access, that’s an additional load on the home internet. Also, you might want to get all accesses from the server admin for better bandwidth.

If you have tried all these already, it doesn’t help & you still cannot manage the heavy files & Office softwares. This is last minute and low on Budget.  you don't have to buy new system if you are still facing issue. Try to upgrade it using better RAM and SSD, once lockdown is lifted or online order delivery starts.

i. If the bottleneck is in the hardware, there’s still no need to upgrade the entire system. Start with the low cost ones – the RAM.

ii. Shortage of Memory (RAM) capacity limits the performance. Upgrading the frequency or adding more RAM, can reduce system lags and make softwares more responsive.

iii. Here’s how to Find one:
In market RAM are available from many brands like Crucial, Kingston, Corsair, Micron, Samsung, Hynix, Transcend. you can search on google or find recommended model of RAM for your system.

For ages, Kingston Technology has built an automated Memory Search feature on its website. This is the easiest part – to find a compatible memory for your system.

Kingston has Two Memory (RAM) Product Lines-

1st option is the ‘Kingston Value RAM’ (KVR)

i. This has standard specifications and works with most OEM PCs & Laptops sold today.

ii. You can use this if you don’t remember your PC’s or motherboard’s model number. Simply surf through Kingston’s ValueRam page with your requirement and the search results will give multiple options to choose from.

iii. Example: You just want to upgrade to a 16GB DDR4 RAM, you search for a 16GB Kingston Value RAM and choose any options from it.

2nd option is the ‘Kingston System-Specific’ memory (Recommended)

i. This is designed, manufactured, tested and guaranteed to work with your specific system.

ii. You will select this, if you know the motherboard or laptop model number and decide better on upgrades. Simply use the Kingston Memory Search Feature by entering details and you’ll get multiple Memory (RAM) options to choose from. These are already tested to work with your specific System.

iii. Example: You have an MSI GL62M 7RDX Gaming Laptop, Kingston’s Memory Search feature will give you all RAM & SSD options that are tested to work with this laptop.

Buying Pre-built really expensive, state-of-the-art parts is going to set you back a lot of money initially. so better to upgrade according to your needs. The best part is all Kingston Memory (RAM) has a Lifetime Warranty and Kingston has a FREE Technical Support option for you via email, even before purchasing anything.

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