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Asus ROG Phone II is the ultimate gaming handset with powerhouse features: Detailed Review

Huge 6000 mAh battery means all-day gaming is perfect with 120Hz display which provides bright colour image thats what a gamer wants and that Asus is providing in a Asus Rog II combo.

Phone has 6.59 inch display, colours are bright and accurate. 6.59in AMOLED screen with 2340x1080 pixel resolution and HDR10 support. Colour reproduction is accurate and contrast levels are sharp.It has a 19.5:9 display with sizable bezels at the top and bottom, and that's on purpose too: ASUS didn't want to add a cutout on the phone, and the bezels facilitate front-facing stereo sound.Both the front and rear panels of glass are covered by a layer of Gorilla Glass 6, and you get a minimal case bundled in the box that protects the sides while showing off the rear design and the RGB lighting

The ROG Phone 2 has a polarizing design, ROG Phone II has a glass back with an RGB logo in the middle, a dual-camera setup. It also has AirTriggers feature. It has two touch-sensitive areas near the power and volume buttons that act like triggers on a controller. This feature can be switched on through Asus’ Armoury Crate app, its console-like dashboard that comes preinstalled on the phone.Unlike most flagship devices, the ROG Phone II serves up a perfectly flat display that doesn’t curve around the sides. 

The phone is powered by the Snapdragon 855+, a turbocharged version of the Snapdragon 855 with higher clocks. The Snapdragon 855+ has a few notable tweaks over the standard 855 — the cores go up to 2.96GHz. It comes upto 12GB of LPDDR4X RAM and UFS 3.0 storage.

And as there's a large bezel around the screen, you get a notification LED to the left of the speaker at the top. The ROG Phone 2 also has a 3.5mm jack at the bottom, and you get ultrasound buttons on the shoulder that lets you assign in-game actions. The volume buttons are located just above the power button, and the power button itself sits around the middle of the frame, allowing for easy access.

While the new ROG Phone actually offers up a headphone port also having front-firing speakers, so you get a full-bodied sound without risk of palm-muffling. Plus that stereo effect is seriously awesome.

we played Games like PubG, need for speed with high graphics and we found this device amazing. device thermal management and endurance levels are quite high and amazing. Air Triggers are really helpful while playing games, two pressure-sensitive areas on the edge of the phone that act like shoulder buttons. These can be mapped to any in-game virtual button and customised to react to different pressure levels.The phone’s software is also geared towards gamers, including the excellent Game Genie tool which can be conjured up mid-game with a deft swipe. 

Area where some gaming phones are a serious let-down is the battery life. Thankfully Asus has crammed an absolutely gigantic 6000mAh cell inside the ROG Phone II, which allows you to play non-stop for 10-11 hours. Using the bundled AeroActive adapter, you can even shift that USB port to the edge of the phone, for comfortably charging the device while you continue fragging fools online.

On battery power, the ROG Phone II thankfully doesn’t get toasty while gaming. You get a proper Vapor Chamber cooling system, complete with an actual rear vent to expel that hot air. Even after two or three hours of non-stop action, the AeroActive’s built-in fan helps to keep the heat from rising.

Gaming smartphones rarely deliver a dependable camera, but Asus has wisely reused the Zenfone 6’s excellent dual-lens shooter for the ROG Phone II . This combination of 48MP primary lens and wide-angle secondary snapper works a treat for everyday pics.

The ROG Phone II sports three USB-C ports, with two located on the side and one at the bottom. You'll use the one at the bottom for charging most of the time, but if you're in the middle of a game and the battery is running low, you can use the side-mounted port to charge the phone. You'll only be able to use two USB-C ports for charging, with the third port dedicated to ASUS's accessories. 

The device also powers an entire ecosystem of accessories, including a WiGig dock that lets you play games wirelessly on your TV, a gamepad with Switch-style controllers, and a dock that adds a second screen that one can buy as addon separately.

This all makes it a value for money device for gamers. It launched at a price of INR 37,999. we rate this device 9/10.

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