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Athenta’s Emergency Response Management System for End to End Monitoring and Reporting

Athenta Technologies, a leading platform-based enterprise that specializes in Integrated Infrastructure Management Business, has brought in a new Emergency Response Management System. The emergency response management system is an information management tool that will support government agencies and municipalities in locating and activating resources after an emergency. This ERMS integrates with the AOMS notification system, in order to inform the contacts that need to be notified during the life of the user request.

The Emergency Response Management System of any city administration is one of the critical sections of its safety, security and rescue mechanism. The ERMS is a single point of contact to the administration and citizens for logging any distress problem or seeking help during any emergency or threat. The system is equipped with a dedicated toll-free number which is assigned for the citizens to contact during any emergency. A centralized emergency control room attends the calls on a 24*7 basis, gathers required details about the distress, dispatch help (police van/ambulance/fire), and passes the information to relevant departments for necessary actions.

The solution enables the helpdesk operator to document all the requirements coming from the end-users and user request tickets are assigned to the workgroup that would be responsible for making sure the request is handled without fail. The high-end help desk system enables operators to document all the requests coming from end-users by linking them to a service management module. This helps in managing SLA automatically and increases the efficiency of the Help Desk team and make sure it is handling requests according to defined SLAs. By using this module, one can improve the efficiency of the Help Desk team and make sure it is handling requests according to defined SLAs.

The ERMS provides a consolidated dashboard for active tracking of the incidents and will track the timely response of the respective teams (Police/Ambulance) in emergency situations. The citizen will call at the emergency helpline number and will log the ticket. Further, a notification would be sent to the relevant police vehicle to reach the incident location and take the necessary action.

The ERMS is also integrated with the AOMS notification system which offers a superior performance of the existing infrastructure and proactively informs the contacts that need to be notified during the life of the user request. The AOMS offers great help to the maintenance staff by locating end-to-end faults and also helps in swiftly responding to the ticketing problems. This web console will help with incident reports, SLA monitoring, resolution status and escalation matrix.

Jacob A Thomas, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Athenta Technologies said, “Athenta’s solutions are designed to meet the changing demands of the end-users, thus enabling collection, analysis, and reporting of data in an actionable format with life-cycle information on assets and resources. Our ERS module is designed to help in increasing the efficiency of the Help Desk team, the high-end help desk system enables our operator to compile all requests coming from the customers.”

Key Features:
  • Incident Creation and Management
  • SLA & Escalation Management. Provision for Pre-defined SOP’s for Faster & Quick responses
  • Asset, Event & Severity Classifications- Input structured and flexible details about resources, including model version capabilities and location (latitude and longitude)
  • User management based on role and organization- LDAP/SSO Integration
  • Comprehensive list of resources and real-time status
  • In-built Smart Analysis & Reporting Capabilities such as:
o   Statistics on Incident Severity
o   Incident Types
o   Call Time
o   Number of Calls
o   Ratio of Calls
o   Ratio of Incidents
o   Most Affected Area’s
o   Vehicle Dispatch Ratio
o   Operator or Agent Statistics

Athenta’s solution supports SLA and lifecycle management of all the third-party equipment, including the audit trails, these solutions also have integrated dashboard, view of contract parties and SLA delivery levels. It aids in connecting infrastructure entities for an end to end monitoring and reporting so that equipment performs as per their expectations and SLA – hence ensuring high performance. Besides this, it also boasts of an inbuilt device certification mechanism that would allow adding new equipment in the environment, without worrying about its manageability in sync with the other equipment.    

About Athenta Technologies:

Athenta deals in the infrastructure management space that supports the community at large. Athenta enhances the operational effectiveness of various infrastructure subsystems sold in the market. This helps the Government and Private players in setting up command and control centers.

With the key motto of "Continued Innovation" the company offers smart products (ML and AI-ready) to integrate legacy as well as the latest systems into a single framed Command and Control Centre.

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