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OPPO likely to lead in 5G Era: CMR 4Ps Report

CMR, a leading technology market research and advisory firm, has released the “CMR 4Ps of Mobile Handset Industry Report 2019” focusing on the key technology trends that will shape the hyper-competitive mobile handset industry ecosystem in India. The report throws insight on the 5G-enabled future and how OPPO is likely to lead the emerging technology themes in smartphone industry.

According to Prabhu Ram, Head – Industry Intelligence Group (IIG), CMR, At the MWC 2019, many smartphone brands are showing-off their 5G-ready devices. The initial 5G-enabled devices are likely to be premium. Smartphone brands, including the likes of OPPO, are going to potential technology leaders in the 5G era.”

CMR’s research estimates, in the 4Ps Report, points to 5G smartphone shipments in India potentially surpassing 140 million by 2025, on the back of a slow and gradual uptake of 5G.

Will Yang, Brand Director, OPPO India commented that, “Today, 5G technology is poised to revolutionize the smartphone industry and the future is bringing endless possibilities for creativity, imagination and closer connectivity. As a brand, we have always focused on technology innovation and brought the 5G era closer to audiences with the announcement of our first 5G smartphone as well as the OPPO 5G Landing Project. We are fully committed towards leveraging our strengths in association with a robust ecosystem of industry partners to provide consumers with comprehensive and innovative solutions. Our efforts have always been and will continue to be around building innovative products that help bring the technology of the future to our customers today.”
According to Tasleem Arif, Vice President, India R&D Head, OPPO, “Today, the demand of superior technology is shaping the global economy. OPPO has always believed in investing heavily in innovative technology with a huge focus on R&D. This commitment helps us develop customer centric industry-first innovations time and again. OPPO has therefore been able to showcase industry leading developments in 5G as well as other technology cycles. At OPPO, we are excited about the future and the promise of technology it holds as well as our role in ushering it in.”

“At CMR, we anticipate 5G to attain scale from 2022 onwards. As on date, the 5G infrastructure in India is still at an infancy. There are various critical themes at play, including the impending 5G spectrum allocation later this year as well as the necessary technical and infrastructure upgradation required for 5G,” added Prabhu.

The CMR 4Ps of Mobile Handset Industry Report has served as a bellwether for the India mobile ecosystem that features bespoke intelligence and perspectives on the dynamic mobile handset market in India. It highlights the trends of 2018 and emerging key trends of 2019 and beyond, including 5G, Foldable and AI, among others.

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