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Netcore's AI engine to be now called 'Raman'

Netcore Solutions, a global marketing technology provider, has named its AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning) engine as ‘Raman’, as a means of paying a tribute to two great Indian scholars: Nobel Laureate & physicist C.V. Raman, and the mathematical genius, S. Ramanujan.
Raman’s big data functionalities stand strong on R, Python, and TensorFlow. Raman brings the power of AI & ML to the capabilities of Netcore’s flagship offering Smartech - the cross-channel marketing automation and actionable analytics suite, Pepipost - transactional email delivery service, and its advanced Analytics solutions.

Says Kedar Parikh, Product Architect, Smartech, “Globally, brands are moving towards AI-driven marketing, which is already contributing significantly to their business’ bottom lines. Raman will enable marketers to apply and integrate AI/ML in their marketing strategies, and help them foster a much stronger connect with their consumers with lesser effort and greater efficiency.”
Following are the ways in which Raman benefits Marketers:
·       Using Netcore’s Smartech
o   Identifies the best time for user engagement: The Send Time Optimisation (STO) feature analyses the timings of the user’s responses to the brand’s communication across channels from email to app push notifications, to identify the time when a particular user is most likely to respond. It helps marketers run targeted campaigns.

o   Optimises email subject lines for greater impact: The Subject Line Optimisation feature ensures that the email subject line is interesting enough for the user to click on it, thus driving up email open rates. Marketers can now generate hyper-personalised subject lines based on the user’s profile & behaviour.    

o   Identifies the user’s most preferred channel: Preferred channel helps marketers focus their efforts on the channel that the user prefers the most for engaging with the brand.

o   Implements AI-driven ‘smarter’ segmentation of users: The Smart Segments feature identifies the hidden patterns in the customer data, and uses it to mine large unintelligible data sets in order to create relevant customer segments. It can reveal new and niche customer segments.            

o   Alerts to the possibility of churn: The Churn Prediction feature identifies users most likely to hit ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘uninstall’. It does this by processing historical customer data through regression and classification Machine Learning algorithms. A timely alert can help the marketers reach out to the user with suitable offers, incentives, and customer support.

·       Using Netcore’s Pepipost: Raman helps improve the email delivery throughput with better ‘primary’ inboxing rates. This gives a big boost to the overall campaign performance.

·       Using Netcore’s Analytics: Analytics is a crucial tool for marketers looking to understand and orchestrate hyper-personalised customer journeys. Raman augments analytical capabilities with its predictive algorithms by helping marketers find new sets of customers similar in profile to their high-value ones, win back churned out customers through effective re-targeting, and helps to increase profitability by nurturing existing customers through Customer Lifetime Value Prediction.

About Netcore Solutions
Netcore, a global Marketing Technology Company that offers solutions for enterprises that redefine Digital Marketing. The first and leading Marketing Automation, Analytics and AI/ ML solutions provider in India, Netcore was established in 1997 by Mr. Rajesh Jain, an Internet pioneer. Netcore’s Digital Marketing suite also includes Promotional and Transactional Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing.
Netcore serves a strong base of 3000+ enterprises across industry verticals, like Jet Airways, Thomas Cook, GoAir, Clear Trip, HDFC, Kotak, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, UTI, Facebook, Reliance, Vodafone, Godrej , ITC, OLA, Pfizer, OLX along with International brands Seek Asia, Tokopedia, Blibli, Standard Chartered, FCMB, GT Bank and many more. Netcore, with its’ innovative marketing technology, delivers 7+ Billion emails & 3+ Billion SMSes a month, creating 11+ Billion Customer Connects monthly and handles 30+ Billion Events a month . Netcore is headquartered in Mumbai, India with offices in SEA, USA, MEA and an employee base of 500+.

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