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Cyber Security : Not Just "A" Job - Millions of Job for Future World

Few years back it is commonly understood that crime can only happen physically but the scenario is entirely changed in today's world that is connected technologically. From stalking to fraud the types of crimes are somehow similar but their method of commission is changed. Now these days the criminals are much more advanced and they are utilizing online platform for committing theses types of crimes.

In India it is observed that no. of Cyber Crimes is hiking day by day & it even shows drastic growth in last 5 years. In order to tackle this alarming rate of cyber crimes it is necessary to have a cyber army too. It is estimated that this field put a job growth of atleast 37 to 40 % per year and this trend is supposed to be continue up to five upcoming years.

Various fields of cyber security such as Network Security, Web Application Security, Internet of Things(IOT) & cyber forensics these fields are at boom these days. A recent study found that there are more than 40,000 vacancies are there in this particular field but the industry is struggling to get good cyber security experts. Various companies are even offering to pay nearly twice as much as they pay to other tech professionals. This field will be centre of focus for industries atleast a decade.

Varun Pandey is a Tech Enthusiast, Post Graduated in Cyber Security. Working as a Editor at, which is one of the India's Top Tech News Website. Even Forbes and many other renowned publishers took his articles reference. He is strategic thinker and creative writer who is passionate to deliver the best, latest possible Tech-News to his followers and subscribers.

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