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Top 5 Best Data Recovery Software for Mac

Going through a nightmare of accidentally deleting files from your Mac OS? Have your important documents or files gone missing from your Mac device?
Don't panic! There are many good Mac data recovery software available to help you in restoring your files. In such case EaseUS brings the ease for you, where you can recover your data without any difficulty.  Following are the five Best software for Mac data recovery.

1.    EaseUS Mac recovery software

EaseUS Data Recovery is a software that helps you recover your lost or deleted files within no time. The earlier you use it, the better the chance to recover files. It assists you to repair or restore the images, videos, documents or other important files. The biggest advantage of using EaseUS Mac recovery software is that more than 200 file types are supported. It also has the capability to recover the lost files from any storage devices attached to your MacOS such as USB, SD card or a digital camera. EaseUS also has a Free version with upto 2GB data recovery option which makes it stand out among other software of similar nature.

2.    MiniTool Partition Wizard

MiniTool is another Mac Data Recovery software which allows 1MB free data recovery and is compatible even with the newer versions from 10.5 Mac OS and the latest Mojave. It can be used to recover all types of files that you may have accidentally deleted or have been missing from your device.
Often termed as MiniTool Partition Wizard, it has an option of scanning the previous partitions that were formatted, via Lost Partition Recovery. Having modules to help in specific scenarios of Mac data recovery, this app makes finding your lost files a lot easier. It offers a 30-day money back guarantee which makes it ideal under certain circumstances when you are unsure of the files to be recovered.

3.    Disk Drill

The first thing you should do is to install the Free version of Disk Drill in order to backup the large data volumes and perform basic scans to preview the lost files in order to check their status. Later, you will need to upgrade to Disk Drill Pro in order to export the data and restore or perform extensive scans to confirm that the files aren’t corrupted. The feature of “Recovery Vault” enables it to recover the files deleted even from the Trash bin. Another plus point is that it enables you to select the type of file you are searching for which speeds up the scans for Mac data recovery.

4.    Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac

Mac Data Recovery can be performed with Cisdem Software that allows you to recover any type of file that may have been deleted accidentally, formatted or corrupted. It has easy process of recovering the files in three steps; choose a data loss scenario, perform a scan on files to be recovered and restore the required files. The only disadvantage of using this tool is that it does not offer a pre-scan filter. This app also provides 30-day money back guarantee.   

5.    Data Rescue 5 for Mac

This tool is compatible with latest versions of Mac OS and can recover data from your Mac or any external drives. It has an intuitive user interface and offers unlimited data recovery in its Professional version. Although it is expensive as compared to other Data recovery apps, but its Time-Machine support feature enables the app to prevent any duplicate files from being recovered and saves up recovery space as well as time. Free version helps in previewing the files that are to be recovered and user can copy the failing drive into a healthy one.

Bottom Line

These datarecovery software are such a blessing as they easily reconstruct your lost files regardless of whether the hard drive got corrupted or your data got accidentally deleted. It is always better to avoid further damage by using a safe and reliable data recovery tool.

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