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Agaston forays into accessory brand, launches AMYO after Tambo and GOME

Agaston MobilePvt. Ltd. today announced the launch of its accessory brand, AMYO. The Company will be launching a portfolio of mobile accessories like high-quality earphones, power cables, power adaptor, Bluetooth devices, power banks, smart devices, etc. The price of products will range from Rs. 199 to Rs.3, 999 initially. Agaston previously launched the mobile phone brand –Tambo and GOME which offers a product portfolio of feature and smartphones. The brand– AMYO - is eyeing revenue of INR 100crore in the next 12 months.

Commenting on the launch announcement, Sudhir Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, AMYO said, “We are glad to announce the launch of our smart accessories brand. With AMYO our aim is to bring a young, vibrant brand with innovative products, which is big on strength and durability. Our research and development capabilities are especially focused on bringing products, which are made for the Indian market to supply to the growing demand for such high-quality affordable products, and with AMYO we aim to fill the gaps in the space of accessories and change the trend.”

Like Tambo and GOME mobile phones, AMYO will also adopt the direct distribution strategy and aim to have major retail and online presence. To begin with the devices will be made available offline through the widespread distribution network of 800 distributors, 60 thousand retail outlets and multi-brand retail chains across India. In the initial phase, the accessories will be manufactured in parts both in India and China.

With their affordable and durable accessory products the brand is targeting everyone who uses mobile phones. The products will be available in the market from November 5th2018.

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