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Is Netflix : King Of Online Entertainment ?

The era of internet which changed the face of the lives of the people, turning them completely into modern and latest lifestyle with its advancements. The modern developments through the internet have also widened the opportunities for business and professional developments. 

NETFLIX is one such successful company that used this opportunity at the right time and are now serving almost 65 million subscribers across sixty countries.

Netflix App : Snapshot

NETFLIX is an online entertainment  provider, it streams movies and TV series like Daredevil, House of Cards and Beast of no Nation. It also provides a great deal of features for every smart devices either it is TV or phone or gaming consoles or Blu-Ray players or whatever it maybe.

If you are planning to quit the cable or satellite TV to save money then Netflix will be a best companion to you. Because this comes at an affordable price that is to be paid monthly based on our preference.

You can watch a video in your computer/ in a smartphone, then pause it, again you can continue from the same exact place where you left off by logging back in the big screen TV.

Initially, it asks the customers to signup, as soon as the initial login have been completed it asks a set of questionnaire about what type of movies and TV shows they like. This questionnaire helps Netflix to suggest the subscribers with list of recommended shows immediately.

If you don’t like the recommendations then you can have an open ended search to customize your favourites from the streaming library.

It also has Multiple Viewer profiles feature to personalise even more, say you like action movies, your wife like TV series, your kids like cartoon series etc.. then you can use this multiple viewer profile option in a single subscribed account.


Netflix’s recommendation algorithm will regularly update your recommendations based on your watchlist.

The subscribers can connect to any number of smart devices with one subscription. The non-subscribers can also use the service by using the login of the subscribers.

Netflix, like Amazon, is investing to a lot in its TV shows and has also recently started making the move into movies too, with Beasts of No Nation.

It has also struck a major deal with Marvel to create its TV version of the Marvel Universe - making discrete shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, as well as the upcoming Iron Fist and Luke Cage, before they combine in The Defenders ensemble.


Disney has also been courted by Netflix, striking a deal which means all the new Star Wars films (bar The Force Awakens) will stream globally on Netflix first.

The app works best with a reliable Wi-Fi signal, but it can also stream over a 4G LTE connection. The streaming itself is fairly well optimized. The list of available movies and shows in the Instant catalog has some limitations, however. It's missing award winners and new releases (and especially new TV releases) in particular, though it's still quite extensive. And it's backed up by Netflix's growing library of great original shows. Hulu and Amazon Instant Video may have their individual strengths, but Netflix is still better than these services.

Features and Functions

To use the app, all you need to do is download it from the Google Play store and enter your Netflix account username and password. That's far easier than installing Amazon Instant. The navigation bar will be slightly different depending on which Android device you're using and how big its screen is. The main menu lists titles you might be interested in watching, based on their similarity to other titles you've rated highly or genres that you've indicated you like (which you can adjust or add through the Netflix website). It also displays content you're already in the middle of watching. The Genres button lets you browse available titles by genre. 

For the Instant catalog at present, browsing by genre is one of the best ways to find new films and television series to watch. The Search button brings up a basic search bar where you can now search by title, actor, director, and other criteria. The final tab lets you access Settings, About, and Sign Out.


You can easily navigate the video offerings by swiping through the poster art from right to left. This streamlined, touch-friendly interface works so well that Netflix now uses it for the Web version, too.

In the past, the Netflix app let you manage both your Instant Queue (now known as My List) and DVD Queue, but Netflix stripped out the disc list a few upgrades ago as the company continues to emphasize its streaming service. Fortunately, streaming works great on Android devices. We had crisp pictures, clear sound, and no stuttering when a reliable Wi-Fi signal is near in our testing. Like in the Web version, closed captioning is available, and once you finish an episode of a TV show the app automatically starts playing the next episode. 


Netflix also lets you rate movies on a one to five scale. Netflix saves these ratings and uses them to make recommendations for other movies and television shows to watch.


The biggest complaint about Netflix, and it's a valid one, is that a lot of movies and shows most people would like to watch just aren't in the Instant bank. And it's not just new releases. Almost all the Academy Award Best Picture winners are absent from the list, too, from Ben-Hur (1960) to Gandhi (1983). Netflix doesn't deserve the blame here; the movie studios do. If anything, Netflix has a history of being slightly ahead of the curve, offering media streaming several critical months before the masses were ready to adopt it, in effect buying enough time to fine tune the service before it became widespread.  

Netflix's catalog of content also changes all the time. Shows that are available one day may be gone the next. A movie might be available by disc only, until it unexpectedly appears as a featured new film in your streaming view. It's difficult to state authoritatively what is and is not in Netflix's catalog at any given moment.


While its movie library is strong, Netflix lacks many high-profile TV shows. For example, popular program Empire isn't available in any capacity (streaming or disc), but you can find the show free-to-watch on Hulu. That streaming service (along with Amazon if you're willing to pay) gets shows soon after they air whereas Netflix is typically an entire year behind, except with its own shows of course. Hulu also has a stronger TV library with shows from Japan and the U.K. Netflix and Hulu are more complementary than competitive products.

 If you want current TV, Hulu is the place to go. If you want ad-free, mainstream movies, Netflix is the app to pick (although Hulu has some great film-buff offerings). And if what you're looking for isn't on either service, you can probably purchase it on iTunes, Google Play, Xbox Video, or Amazon Instant Video.

Netflix Despite what's missing from the Netflix Instant catalog, the app itself leaves little to complain about. The streaming is great. The app is simple. Every movie entry contains quick information about it, such as the year it was released, MPAA rating (G, PG, PG-13, etc.), running time, and either the average star rating from other Netflix users or your personal star rating if you've entered one. And after we spent years pining for this feature, you can now link your Netflix and Facebook accounts to share your activity. 

This social component definitely trumps Netflix's infamous recommendation engine. But, while we appreciate that this system has an opt-in policy, many people probably want to keep their viewing habits private, Netflix could do a better job letting users know the feature exists at all.

What Netflix also offers that its competitors can't match is a growing library of original programming that has quickly become a pop culture phenomenon in its own right. Shows like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, the Arrested Development revival, and Marvel's Daredevil have been celebrated in terms typically reserved for HBO shows.


Netflix also produces comedy specials and documentaries, if you're looking for something more self-contained. Being able to join the conversation surrounding this content, especially in the binge-watching media landscape Netflix has helped foster, makes a Netflix subscription even more tempting. Hulu may have a stronger overall television lineup, but right now Netflix's exclusives are untouchable, and rivals like Amazon and Hulu are scrambling to keep up with their own TV productions.

Verdict :

Netflix has one major benefit is that it does not have any online advertising. Episodes starts playing as soon as they start buffering without any interruption. If you have problem Netflix offers various means to contact them and every single minute issues is answered by them. 

And the subscription for basic, standard, premium doesn’t matter if your bandwidth is low, it will just deliver standard version of the video and all the videos in the library is of HD. Though they don’t host any current seasons its features and exclusive high quality content are worth the money.

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