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Google Now Redefining Concept of work and study

If you're wondering what Google's new set of offices will look like, an early set of mockups has been released to show its possible appearance once constructed.


Google's early renders will put the expanded campus near the tech giant's headquarters in Mountain View, California. City officials publicized the images this week, and it features a quirky and unique design that is a stark contrast from the sharp-edged facades of other corporate world offices.
The Design
The new campus, which will be located in Charleston East, resembles a futuristic and large camping tent. The new design showcases "tent-like poles holding up an opaque skin, with more conventional glass walls at the edges," Gizmodo wrote.

The vast office space features a centerpiece that Google describes as a "photovoltaic integrated canopy skin," Mashable noted. The circus tent serving as the campus' roof will reportedly generate renewable energy through solar power.

The renders also show a lush and green environment, which is a perfect lounging area for employees and visitors. In addition, the plans indicate future restaurants, sports facilities and places for holding meetings with people as well as areas for biking and rollerblading around.

Upon completion, Google's new campus will take up 600,000 square feet of space, which includes 45,000 square feet of interior landscaping and an 18,500 square-foot series of public paths that will wind through the buildings.

This design, however, isn't finalized yet and there is a possibility that the renders will undergo changes prior to construction.

Rising from Setbacks

Google has long used existing offices of leased developers' projects, Silicon Valley Business Journal reported. The company has never built its own office from the ground up in California, though.

The Charleston East site, which Google leases from Mountain View, is among the search giant's most ambitious campus plans that it wishes to build in California. Last year, the company experienced a setback when the city council denied granting Google all of the office space it required to construct the office. The project would have consisted of additional glass-domed projects all over the North Bayshore.

In February, Google unveiled its new expanded campus in Kirkland, Washington, according to GeekWire. The new 180,000 square-foot building has a Pacific Northwest aura in it and is divided into four parts: Mountain, Forest, Valley and Sound.

Google's latest renderings come amid tech companies' plans to build larger and more impressive offices that boast unique designs. These office buildings -- coupled with a motivating environment -- attract more recruits and maintain current employees.

Apple is building a striking spaceship campus while Uber released renders for a new innovative headquarters made up of two connecting transparent glass office buildings. Facebook, meanwhile, transferred to a broad 430,000 square foot campus in 2015 that also contains a jaw-dropping rooftop garden.

Tech giants don't seem to be planning on stopping innovating themselves anytime soon. For now, what we can do is wait for the things they have to offer -- stuff that gives us a glimpse of a more technologically advanced future.

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