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Stonex India Introduces Stone Reinforcement System (SRS) To the Indian Market

As a leading player in the industry, Stonex India is committed to setting new and ever higher benchmarks in the category continuously. The Stone Reinforcement System or SRS is Stonex India’s attempt to bring in the highest international quality standard in marble processing and polishing.

SRS is a multi-step process that involves state-of-the-art technologies like the world’s most advanced Resin Line Machine and the highest quality materials like the Epoxy Resin as against General Purpose Resin currently in vogue in India. Unlike the General Purpose Resin, Epoxy Resin almost matches the viscosity of water to penetrate into even the finest of fissures and pores, making the final processed slab significantly stronger and better suited to resist whatever torture life throws at it.

The SRS process starts right at the sourcing; only the highest quality marble blocks are sourced from the finest quarries across the world.

Every block sourced then moves to the Stonex India’s state-of-the-art facility in Kishangarh Rajasthan, where each block first undergoes the Block Vacuum Process- a process uniquely practiced by Stonex in India. The Block Vacuum Process is a special vacuum process whereby the entire block is packed with high quality Epoxy Resin in order to remove cracks and to strengthen the block for further processing. The biggest benefit of this process is that it prevents cracks from developing in the block during cutting.

Each prepared block then moves to the Gangsaw Machine, where precise computerized instructions ensure that the stones are perfectly cut in slabs of 18-20 mm thickness. It may be noted that the standard practice in the Indian stone industry is to cut the slabs in 15-16mm. A thicker slab further adds to the strength and durability of the stone.

Individual slabs then move to the Resin Line Machine- STNX 1. STNX 1 is the world’s most advanced Resin Line Machine specifically designed and developed for Stonex India by Prometec SRL Italy- world’s leading manufacturer of Marble Processing Machines.

STNX 1 is a fully automatic Resin Line Machine that ensures minimal human intervention and thereby any chances of errors. Robotic arms ensure that resin is applied precisely on both surfaces for perfect penetration. 

Besides this, only the best imported Organic Fiber Net is used for backing. Unlike the nets used by the Indian manufacturers, these organic nets are completely dissolvable and hence are not required to be removed before installation. Therefore, minimizing the chances of chipping or cracking of stone which is quite common in the low quality nets being commonly used by many Indian players.

For grinding and polishing of the slabs, fully automatic Eighteen Head Polishing Machine from Pedrini, Italy is used. Before being certified fit for shipping, each slab is thoroughly inspected by expert technicians who with years of experience and training have developed a hawk’s eye for detail.

Each slab is also required to pass through a Scanner that can spot even the most miniscule of defect that the human eyes could miss. In the rare instance of any stone being found with even the smallest defect, the whole process is repeated.
Finally, individual slabs are laminated in a High-Speed Lamination machine to ensure added care and protection during transportation. 

SRS is a unique end-to-end process developed and patented by Stonex India, where only the stone that can match up to the highest standard of finish and durability is considered fit to carry the Stonex India’s SRS mark.

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