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ScienceLogic and HCL Technologies Partner to bring AIOps to Global Enterprise Customers

ScienceLogic, a leader in context-infused AIOps, providing IT operations with actionable insights from IT operational data, today announced a partnership with leading global technology company HCL Technologies. The partnership will address the growing need for automated IT Operations among HCL¹s enterprise customers as they embark on digital transformation initiatives.

Applying machine learning to IT operations has remained elusive due to the challenges of collecting, organizing and acting on fragmented, disparate IT operational data, particularly amid the highly dynamic and ephemeral nature of modern cloud-based and hybrid infrastructure and services. The new partnership allows DRYiCE, a division of HCL Technologies and an established leader focused on building AI powered products & platforms, to leverage the ScienceLogic SL1 Automation Engine to provide a consistent source of clean, contextualized operational data in real-time. Clean, consistent data enables machine learning engines to power AIOps and drive automation of key IT processes for HCL¹s enterprise customers. 

³Our customers are increasingly relying on HCL Technologies for guidance and support in their digital transformation journeys,² said Kalyan Kumar, CVP & Chief Technology Officer at HCL Technologies. ³DRYiCE products & platforms have traditionally helped our customers to transform and simplify their IT operations. By leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation we intend to consistently deliver quality services and insights to our customers. SL1 will help accelerate those capabilities so that we and our customers alike remain competitive today and well into the future.²

ScienceLogic SL1 provides automated real-time discovery and synchronization across both application and infrastructure topology, integrating with new and existing ecosystem components and populating CMDBs with timely and accurate data from a clean data lake. This drives higher quality machine learning and enables AIOps processes to greatly alleviate the burden on IT operations personnel.

We are delighted to partner with HCL Technologies in such an important aspect of their business, providing clean, contextualized, and actionable data that enables machine learning, automation and improved service delivery for their enterprise customers,² said Dave Link, CEO and Founder of ScienceLogic. ³DRYiCE has deep capability in AI and related technologies that is being enhanced by tie-ups with academia and a strong partner ecosystem. The adoption of AIOps has grown rapidly and HCL¹s adoption of SL1 validates the importance of this market segment.²

HCL provides outsourced IT management services to some of the largest enterprises on the planet.  DRYiCE, a division of HCL Technologies, is an established leader in AIOps delivering enterprise-grade solutions to reimagine clients¹ IT & business landscape by leveraging AI.  With SL1 in place, HCL will help its enterprise customers transform and modernize their IT infrastructure and applications and keep pace with rapidly changing customer expectations through more advanced digitization and automation of key IT systems and processes. 

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