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Celebrate Friendship Day on Hike

Send a sticker to new friends and connect with long lost ones  

Friendship Day is this weekend and to celebrate the occasion, Hike has launched a special animated and camera sticker pack. Hike users can wish their BFFs with cute and fun stickers instead of just texts. It’s also the perfect way to connect with long lost friends and wish them too.

Add zing to conversations with Jai and Veeru, heartfelt wishes or add Friendship bands, fist bumps and more to Stories with Hike’s special camera stickers

To access the stickers, navigate to the sticker store in the chat option, download the Friendship Day stickers and send a different one to each of your friends. It’s convenient, fun and an easy way to say how much your friends mean to you.  

The stickers are available for download in the sticker shop within the Hike app on both Android and iOS.

Stickers as a means of social expression

Stickers are one of the most loved features of Hike. Hike offers a library of over 20,000 stickers in 40+ languages.  Multiple genres are covered across 500+ sticker packs which highlight the colourful, cultural landscape of India, Bollywood, comedy, festivals, cricket, kabaddi, local catchphrases, emotions, and even excuses. There is also the nifty text-to-stickers feature on Hike chat that can turn any message you type into a fun sticker. Stickers are expressive and a great way to say what you feel. Hike’s most popular stickers reflect love, laughter and fun followed by festivals and regional references. Over 300 million stickers are exchanged every day!

Camera Stickers (available from the 5th)

About Hike
Hike is building products with the aim of simplifying the internet to bring India online. Hike Messenger was the first messaging and social technology company made with love in India. It simplifies how people connect with others and changes the way they interact with content and services on mobile. It is the only successful Indian messaging platform with scale.

The app was launched on 12/12/12 and acquired a user base of over 100 million in January 2016. In August 2016, Hike raised its fourth round of funding of USD 175 million led by Tencent and Foxconn at a valuation of USD 1.4 billion, making it the fastest company in India to attain a valuation of USD 1 billion, having reached the milestone in just 3.7 years. Investors in Hike include Tencent, Foxconn, Tiger Global, Softbank and Bharti. Apart from these, some of the top tech veterans from the Silicon Valley have also invested in the company and are advisors.

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