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Is Online Education Revolutionising Class Room Education

Billions are being invested to design cities of the future, but the most effective technologies are often relatively simple and generally people don't know from where to get knowledge about it .Yes Online course providers Like GetSmarter are winning the online education concept .

GetSmarter, a wholly-owned subsidiary of 2U, Inc., is a digital education company that partners with the world's leading universities to select, design and deliver premium online short courses with a data-driven focus on learning gain.

GetSmarter was founded by brothers Rob and Sam Paddock, who work with universities and industry experts to provide online courses.

An impressive 88% of GetSmarter’s Alumni report experiencing some form of career advancement after completing a course with them - powerful proof of the verifiable competencies and skills gains our students use to differentiate themselves in the global marketplace. GetSmarter has served around 70,000 students since inception, with certificate completion rates averaging 90% which is high than other online education players available in Market. 

What i feel is that one can get education from internet easily but can save time by choosing getsmarter online courses and a professional certificate is the key that makes a lot of difference.  Getsmarter and Harvard  have invested a lot to bring virtual classrooms to your handheld devices in a real way.

GetSmarter’s portfolio includes over 70 courses offered with its university partners, and operates under a revenue share model with the universities. It is backed by 2U and current CEO is Sam Paddock.

GetSmarter has helped thousands of busy working professionals differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace. Their certificate courses are designed to deliver verifiable competencies through personalised and proactive support for each student.

2017 saw GetSmarter continue to form working relationships with a number of the world’s best universities — both locally in South Africa and internationally — to present a competitive course offering including presentations from HarvardX, the University of Cambridge and more. It was also the year that the Cape Town based company earned the accolade of being the largest acquisition of a South African edtech company when they were bought by American edtech giant 2U, Inc. for $103 million.

GetSmarter gets you the recognition you deserve: not only in the form of a certificate from a top-tier university, but also by empowering you with the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to take on the next challenge in your career.

They have given us a opportunity to review their Harvard VPAL’s Cybersecurity course.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a certificate of completion. Your certificate is printed with your Name and is sent by courier to your preferred physical delivery address. 

Current batch of Course was just started last month and till now we have completed our Orientation Module . Course will contain 8 Modules + 1 Orientation Module with weekly graded activities. You will feel like that you are doing a regular degree course sitting at your place and convenient time. 

We will be writing Full review of our experience very soon after course completion.

Your Personalized will look like this.

Ofcourse, we can declare or give you full information about the course and its contents due to Course NDA's but i am attaching some course details in form of images to give you a glimpse of the course.  

Their Next Batch of same course is starting on August 29 so hurry up and register yourself soon.

Declaration-  Our Review is independent review and GetSmarter hasn't paid us for writing anything in favour.

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