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In todays world due to our changing lifestyle we have a large population who is facing any kind of heart problems.

But the good news is that scientist has lead to developement of the artificial heart.

The average human heart has to beat 42 million times a year, which means that if it were replaced with a machine with a lot of moving parts, it would quickly wear out, said Dr. William Cohn, chief medical officer of BiVACOR, the company working on the new bionic heart.

->The heart is about half the size of a soda can, Cohn said. It has a spinning disk with fins suspended by two magnetic fields so that it's never touching anything.
->It spins 2,000 to 3,000 times a minute.
->The disk micro-adjusts 20,000 times a second to keep the disk spinning flat.

->Because the right side of your heart works harder when you cough, and the left side of your heart works harder when you exercise, it also adjusts the balance 20 times a second.

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