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Oneplus is gearing up for its new product Launch

7 entrepreneurs that are a living embodiment of the OnePlus ‘Never Settle’ mantra

OnePlus is more than a product or a company, it is the result of an ideology to ‘Never Settle’. Through its four years as a disruptive premium smartphone brand, OnePlus’ success can be attributed significantly to the relationship that the company shares with its loyal community. Its philosophy is simple – to always try to do things differently and to blend art and technology to create the perfectly balanced product. These are values that resonate with the people associated with the brand and is what causes people to feel drawn towards it.

OnePlus identified several successful entrepreneurs who are living embodiments of its philosophy to ‘Never Settle’. In order to celebrate these personalities, OnePlus has launched a video series dedicated to the people that share their mantra. In this series, it features authentic and compelling stories of users whose values are so well-aligned with the brand that they identify their successes with the brand’s and vice versa. The first video features Peter Vesterbacka, a startup consultant and the man behind Angry Birds, one of the most successful mobile games of the decade. He believes that his drive as an entrepreneur to change the world and to stand out from the crowd is an attitude that he recognizes in OnePlus as well. He is able to identify with the brand on an ideological level and he thinks that he and OnePlus share an un-maskable startup attitude to go out there and get things done. The complete video can be found here:

This video is the first in a series of seven videos which will be launched this week. Some of the other personalities that have been featured include:
  • Tariq Karim – The CEO of JoliCloud and an entrepreneur from Paris who believes in taking back control of the algorithm, going out and discovering new things and making people creative again.
  • Rachel Forde – The former CEO of Spark Foundry believes in never settling for ‘good’ when you can get to ‘great’. She says her OnePlus device is the perfect blend of art and technology where the phone is beautifully forged while retaining its practicality. 
  • Karan Virwani, General Manager of WeWork in India
  • Ravi Shharma, SVP of Brand Solutions at Saavn
  • Jitesh Bansal, Partner with a Big 4 Accounting Firm
  • Gary Liu, CEO @ South China Morning Post

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