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Future of entairtanment lies in "3D HOLOGRAM".

"3D HOLOGRAPHIC" is the latest invention which will change the entertainment world.

First let us know what is 3D holographic technology.

A 3D hologram is defined as a 3D projection that exists freely in space and is visible to everyone without the need for 3D glasses.

Holography is the next stage of photography and conventional film and its three-dimensionality creates completely new possibilities for use, such as for product presentation. A 3D hologram displays products, objects, and animated sequences three-dimensionally and enables seemingly real objects or animations to appear to float completely freely in space. Unlike a conventional film on a standard screen, a 3D hologram is visible from all sides, which means the observer can walk around the hologram, enabling an absolutely realistic-looking image to form.

What is required to display a 3D hologram?

To display a 3D hologram, three things are usually required:

1. A hologram projector (also known as a holography pyramid or holography display), which makes the holographic 3D projection possible.
2. A 3D hologram that is projected straight into the room and displays the content (in our example, the whiskey that virtually flows into the glass).
3. A real object or product that is displayed by the hologram (in our example the glass).

This technology can be used in presentation,entertainment purpose,
and in more better way of advertisement.

Quite apart from that, a 3D hologram is highly appealing and therefore excellently suitable not only for presenting complex technical concepts, it is also virtually predestined for displaying precious stones and similar visually appealing goods. This technology makes it possible to additionally emphasize their beauty and perfection and to display them in an extremely aesthetic way, already making the presentation a sensual experience in itself.

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