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Euronews highlights emerging European photographers with 'European Lens' initiative.

A strong instrument for expression and documentation, photography is a critical medium for journalism. And because of that, Euronews is delighted to provide a platform for photojournalists across Europe to feature their work - and strengthen our mission of including different voices.

From striking images to dynamic interviews, European Lens photographers' work will be featured one weekend each month on Euronews' platforms to share their insight, style and narrative.

Young photographer Jorge Alva inaugurates the initiative

Fascinated by architecture and urbanism, Jorge Alva (@urbanentdecker_) is based between Berlin and Warsaw, his chosen hubs for capturing Europe's best spots.

Jorge's attraction to patterns and symmetry, along with his keen eye for details, translate into surrealist images from everyday scenarios.

About this photo, Jorge says:

"Metro Line II was inaugurated in 2015 and it is still up to this day, it is one of the most impressive places for me, architecture wise.

I took this picture on my way home, for months I tried to search for the couple on the picture with no luck but recently via Facebook I finally found them and it turns out that they're getting married soon!"

Location: Warsaw, Poland.


Euronews, based in Lyon, France was launched 25 years ago in January 1993; it offers a unique perspective on world events in 12 languages thanks to a team of 450 journalists from 30 countries.

Euronews empowers people to make up their own mind by delivering factual analysis and a diversity of viewpoints. Because all views matter, Euronews is "All Views".

A well-established brand in Europe, Euronews is available worldwide in more than 400 million households in 160 countries.

In June 2017, NBC News and Euronews closed a transaction in which NBC News acquired 25% of the company to make a significant financial investment in Euronews to support expanded news coverage and programming. The company's TV and digital output will ultimately be co-branded EuronewsNBC.

Euronews Group: Euronews Group operates two international, multilingual, multiplatform and independent news media: Euronews and Africanews: the first pan-African, multilingual and independent news outlet, launched in April 2016 from Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo.

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