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Vivo Apex, Winning Technology of the Bezel-less Competition?

A lot has happened in the Mobile World Congress 2018. All the new gadgets, technologies and comebacks made it huge but one revolutionary tech was especially crowned, Best Technology of the Show. And the device packing it up has been titled,  Best of the Show by lots of reviewers, sites and tech enthusiasts.

Yes, I am here to talk about Vivo's latest conceptual addition, Apex. As titled by Vivo, "Half-Screen finger Scanning Technology" is the short and crisp line to describe this show-stopper. You heard it right, there is no more finger moving around on the rear panel to find that sweet spot if you want a bezel-less display.

As the team claims, one-third of the display acts as a fingerprint sensor. Although practically, it's around two-fifths of the display that does the job. The first ever in-glass technology actually works great but is a little on the harder side. 

There is a rectangular space in which you need to place your finger to scan. We have noticed that you need to place your finger flat because of the glass in between your finger and the sensor. Also, you need to press your thumb a little, rather than conventionally placing it on the sensor.

Also, this allows you better security by letting you add a dual fingerprint for better protection. As per the announcement, this technology reduces the bezels to thinnest possible. With a 1.8 mm width for the top and side bezels and 4.7 mm thin bottom bezel, this beauty looks gorgeous.

Now, you get all these doubts popping like, Where's the front cam? Where's the earpiece? and many more? I will answer them all.

The front camera is actually a secret camera that's hidden behind the display on the top.Once you switch on your front cam, a small little 8 MP front sensor pops up in 0.8 seconds with a cute whirring sound. And goes back in when you switch it off. It's not just cute but it's an actual space saver.

 Now, the earpiece? Well, the entire display is a vibrational speaker. This means, you don't have to take the device to your ear and you can hear it out. Another piece of great technology right? Also, this tech conserves power, sound leakage and optimises low to high pitch sound for a better audio experience.

Although this is all just a conceptual tech for now, we are equally excited to look this turn into reality soon. Let's thank Vivo for this game-changing technology and hope for more improvements on this.

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